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Five Things I’m Loving Right Now – Including a Springtime Instagram Photo Challenge

This April I am joining in on another Instagram Photo Challenge.  This one is being hosted by The Tampa Bay Bloggers and I’m pretty excited to be participating.  You might remember the photo challenge I did last October.  It was tons of fun and everyone who participated posted some amazing pictures.  These challenges are such a great way to showcase your creativity.    You can join along too if you’d like with me on Instagram and don’t forget to follow the Tampa Bay Bloggers on Instagram and Facebook for more cool blogging events.  



It seems as if my entire house has been turned upside down.  The challenges of packing and cleaning WITH a toddler makes me feel as if all my efforts are wasted.  It takes me twice as long to complete a simple task with her pulling things out of boxes and playing with items like packing tape and newspaper.    It’s frustrating, to say the least.   But thankfully, I can somewhat juggle my attempts with the help of this DVD.  My daughter snuggles on the couch and drops most of her activities whenever Anna, Elsa or Olaf graces the screen.  Thank you Disney for a superior fairy tale that captivates my 2 year old long enough so that mom can get some serious work done.  

Frozen_DVD If you live anywhere near oak trees this season, odds are, you’re witnessing first hand what the pollen and blooming trees have done to a large percentage of the population.  I, unfortunately, happen to be one of those poor souls that suffers from allergies.  For the record, it’s never this bad.  In fact, it’s very rare that I resort to taking allergy medicine every day.  This year, however, has been a total and complete nightmare and I’ve barely been able to breathe due to my reaction to the pollen. Thankfully, there are approved allergy meds that are safe for pregnant and nursing mammas.  Zyrtec is one of them, and I’m so loving it right now.  



Best Damn Race just announced that they are expanding to the South Florida region.  This December 14th, you will have the opportunity to earn some more bling from the Best Damn Race crew by running either a 5k, Half Marathon or a Full Marathon in beautiful Cape Coral, Florida.  Registration will open on April 14th at 12:00 p.m.  

Don’t forget that I am an ambassador for them, so I’m sure I’ll have a discount code available soon too.  Mark your calendar now.  This is another event you won’t want to miss.  


Baseball is back!  

Please excuse the abnormally large font.  I’m just really excited for some quality sports to be back in my life.  I’ve missed baseball and I’m so excited to have my Tampa Bay Rays representing back in the American League.  Also, I’m really looking forward to going to our first game.  It’s been a while and I’m itching for a ball game.  It just goes hand in hand with Springtime and the weather.  Whoop Whoop!!!  


What are you really loving on this week?

Haley is a wife, SAHM, runner and yoga enthusiast. She spends her time juggling the duties of housework and motherhood, while training for her various endurance style events. 

Haley is a wife, SAHM, runner and yoga enthusiast. She spends her time juggling the duties of housework and motherhood, while training for her various endurance style events.

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  1. Stacey

    Enjoy your little “helper” – now that my son is getting older he is more interested in his video games and I am starting to miss the earlier (if messier & more tiring) days sometimes :) I hear you on the pollen – hang in there!

  2. Crystal H

    Lol…zyrtec made the list? Those trees must be awful!

    I’m SO SO SO happy Baseball season is back!! We went to the crappy game tonight and I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep and woke up early. Opps. I hope your first game of the season is better than mine.

    See you on Instagram!

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