Oct 31

Friday Five: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween!  It’s Friday, October 31st and we are celebrating a special Friday Five with a Halloween theme.  Don’t forget to check out the blogs from our hosts, Cynthia, Courtney and Mar.   This week, I’m going to be listing my favorite things about halloween.  FFHalloween

1.  Costumes – I haven’t really been able to dress up in the past three years because I’ve been so busy with the kiddos, but in the past, I’ve really enjoyed this part of the holiday.  I’ve actually won a costume contest before.  This year I had the pleasure of creating my daughter’s costume.  She’s going as a purple minion.  purpleMinion

 2.  Festivals  -  This time of year is notorious for fall festivities and all kinds of family friendly fairs.  Just last weekend, we took our kids to TWO festivals.  She was able to get her face painted and play around in the bounce houses at both events.  She was in heaven.  festivalsfacepainting

3.  Haunted Houses – I love haunted houses.  We are spoiled with both Halloween Horror nights and Howl-o-scream nearby.  These are top notch scare tactics that these theme parks use for their haunted houses.  They are professionals and they have the best special effects and props for their haunted houses.   The chain saws always get me – Texas Chainsaw Massacre was one of my favorite scary movies.  I have yet to find a better haunted house than at these theme parks.  They are not for children, so we haven’t been in a couple years.  Maybe next year.   Bettlejuice_GIF

4.  Trick or Treating  - Now this is what being a parent is all about…. CANDY!  Oh, and spending time with our kiddos.  In the past two years, my hubby has gone door to door with our daughter while I man the house with the bucket of candy.  This year won’t be any different, especially since I have the baby to take care of.  But who doesn’t love little ghosts and princesses knocking on your door asking for handouts?  

5.  Carving a Pumpkin  -  This year, we have three pumpkins.  We carved one already and today we finish the other two.  Prior to last year, we had NEVER carved a pumpkin.  We never used to stay home for halloween, so this is a new tradition for us as a family.  I must say, I really enjoy this.  My husband is very detailed and meticulous, so his pumpkin carvings come out really good.  pumpkincarving


What’s your favorite thing about halloween?

Oct 30

6 Week Postpartum Checkup

Yesterday was my 6 week post-delivery checkup with my OB/GYN.  My mom picked up my daughter on her way home from work Tuesday so that I could have a little break and just have the baby with me when I went to my appointment.  It was a good thing that we arranged for this, because I had forgot what it felt like to try to get out the door with an infant.  The short version goes like this.  I was ready to walk out the door, when Harrison spit up all over his and my clothes.  After I changed our outfits, he pooped and I had to change him again.  Then I had a delay in the parking garage which set me back even further.  Needless to say, I was late for my appointment…. like 20 minutes late – which I hate to be.  So when I arrived, I apologized to the desk attendant, but we had to reschedule for later in the day because my Dr. had two consults that were going to keep her busy for a while.   So me and baby boy went shopping and grabbed lunch together.  The good news is that I was able to practice breastfeeding in public again, once in the waiting room and once at the restaurant.  I’m getting pretty confident again.  I was feeling pretty rusty and intimidated a few weeks ago.


So what happened at the appointment?

A vaginal exam – everything looked good and back to normal.

Cesarean incision was checked and it is healing properly

Abdomen was palpated to make sure my uterus has contracted back to normal size – which it has

Discussed my emotional state and how I’m coping with being a mother to two – I’m doing well and I’m happily adjusting to my duties as mother of two.  No depression or baby blues here.

I was cleared for all physical activity – that includes running!!!!

So what’s next?  

I won’t need another appointment scheduled with my OB/GYN until March – which will be for a well women exam – so that’s that.  But I do have a lot planned for the next coming year on my race calendar, so I’ll need to get moving into a training plan now.  I’ll test out my legs tonight with a little neighborhood run/walk.  Wish me luck!

Oct 28

Would you eat in a bathroom stall?

A few months ago, I saw this ad campaign entitled When Nurture Calls.  THE_CAMPAIGN_WhenNurtureCalls

It’s a little disturbing to see these grotesque images portraying young mothers hiding out in a bathroom stall feeding their babies, but the sad reality is that it’s important for people to see, because this is exactly where some mothers end up nurturing their babies because they are afraid of being harassed in public .    

In many US states, women are said to have the right to breastfeed wherever they please, however, most women are often forced to leave public areas and feed their babies in private, since there is not yet a law that protects women from harassment and discrimination.  This is a complete shame.   (This I know to be true in both Florida and Texas, but I have not searched out further in other states)     

As a breastfeeding mother, this campaign really hits close to home, because I have been subjected to doing this exact thing.  Okay, maybe I didn’t sit on the toilet when I did it, but I was still subjected to the same room where people go to drop off the Cosby kids.  

Just last weekend, while car shopping, my five week old baby became fussy and needed to eat.  I ended up seeking out a secluded corner of the repair shop waiting room while my husband finished up with the sales man, but I’m not always lucky enough to find something as nice.  This past weekend, we took our toddler to the zoo for a halloween themed evening event, and I had a difficult time locating an area to feed my ravenous baby boy.  The only area that I found available to sit down and nurse him comfortably was a hut-like pavilion where I had to shoo away a few smokers. The lingering cigarette smoke was not something I wanted to inhale as I hurriedly latched little man, but I did what I had to.  And then, there have been several times when I’ve sought out the privacy and comfort of my vehicle because there just wasn’t anywhere else where I felt comfortable enough to whip it out.    When it comes down to it, I have the legal right to breastfeed where ever I please, so why do I always feel like I should be hiding off in a corner somewhere away from onlookers?  I’ll tell you why, because our right to breastfeed is not supported by a law that prohibits harassment and discrimination.  


It’s quite horrible to make a mother feel like she should be banished to a corner or bathroom to feed her kid, especially when she is doing something that is so unselfish and pure and natural for her child.  But what bothers me the most is how such a negative encounter or experience with breastfeeding in public might impact a new mom, who may already be struggling with nursing.  Feeling uncomfortable or shameful when attempting to breastfeed in public the first few times is enough to discourage her into giving it up.

I remember the nervousness I felt the first few times I fed my first born outside the comfort of our home.  It’s intimidating and nerve-racking, especially if you are struggling with issues of engorgement, latching or a forceful letdown. 
Of course, if a mom feels more comfortable nursing in private, that’s fine too. I personally like the mommy lounges that have been popping up in malls and parks these days.  They offer changing tables, comfy chairs with a privacy curtain, toilet facilities, even activity tables to occupy older children.  They’re really quite nice, but don’t think for a second that they are there to keep breastfeeding women out of the public eye.  They are there for the comfort and convenience of the mothers, not for the others around them. But as nice as they are, I can speak personally about how they are not always convenient to access, especially with multiple children.   

With my daughter, I often took her to quiet corners and out of the noisy mainstream public because she was always so curious to what was happening around us, but now that I have two children, I have to adjust my habits and just nurse the baby where ever my toddler will be most occupied.  

The bottom line is this. There should never be an instance where a mother feels like she should have to hide to breastfeed.  That gives the message that there’s something shameful with what she’s doing, and that’s just not the case.  And since there is not a law that protects mothers from harassment or discrimination yet, some women are still too intimidated and afraid of breastfeeding in public.  If more mothers nursed in public, would it bring awareness and normalize the act?  Then perhaps more women would follow suit and feel at ease to do it themselves instead of hiding out in bathroom stalls – a place that no person should ever have to eat inside.    

If you want to help make a difference, you can contact your state Legislators and/or help raise awareness to anyone and everyone of this issue.  

***If your Civil Right to breastfeed your child in a public place (where you and your child are authorized to be) have been violated, file a complaint with the Florida Attorney General.  In Florida, the law says you can breastfeed anytime, anywhere. Presently Florida law has no provision for enforcement of their law.Florida_Breastfeeding_Law

I’m curious; what scenarios have you encountered in your breastfeeding experiences?  

Do you feel supported and comfortable when you nurse in public or do you seek privacy inside bathrooms or quiet corners?

Oct 23

Five Reasons To Run Best Damn Race

Hello Friday.  Glad to see you again.  

Wow!  My weeks are just flying by these days.  I feel like it was just Friday the other day.  Am I alone on that?  

I don’t get much of a break during the weekend with the kiddos, but it sure is nice to have my husband home and to have a couple adults to talk to when we’re out and about.  This weekend we have a fall festival at our neighborhood clubhouse.  The homeowners association puts a little something together for the kiddos, so we are looking forward to taking our toddler and letting her meet some new friends from our subdivision.  

Since it’s Friday, and you know that I’m linking up for the Friday Five, how about we go ahead and get down to brass tacks.  This week, Cynthia, Mar and Courtney have issues a semi-open theme entitled:  Five Reasons to Run ________.   We got to finish that sentence in our own ways and I selected TWO different endings.  The first is a general five reasons to run.  Period.  Just the good ol’ reasons, like I’ve listed on this previous post.  And then directly following those five reasons, I’ve also listed my top five reasons to run one of my favorite races.


1. Because life is stressful and running will help you blow off some steam.
2. To get out of the house, office, or car and see what your body is capable of doing.
3. To energize your day with endorphins. < they make you happy.
4. To escape the kids, husband, boss, parents, etc…
5. Because life is short, and running makes it seem longer.  


Now, not just because I’m a race ambassador for them, but because I truly think it’s one of the best race series out there today, here are Five Reasons to Run the Best Damn Race.   

There are four locations to choose from.  Cape Coral is less than a month away, and then before I know it, January rolls around and Jacksonville will be here, and then, come February, Orlando and Safety Harbor will be upon us.  If you’re not a resident of Florida, these races make especially nice race cations due to the mild winter weather that we are blessed to receive in this tropical climate.  

Why else would you want to run one of these races? 

Because it’s a race for runners. Best Damn Race was developed and organized with the runners in mind. Every aspect, from the price scaling to the limited participation, has the interest of the runners at the center of it’s design. Everything is organized to create the best experience for each individual runner.  There’s no big corporation putting on this race, just one guy who wanted to provide a big race experience at a local race price. Their philosophy is “RUN, EAT, DRINK, PARTY”   They pride themselves on spoiling their athletes. Every race entry includes: Race shirt, finisher medal, bib, goodie bag, free food, free beer, and a free massage (based on the volunteer’s availability at expo). “It doesn’t matter if you are an elite runner, first timer, walker, or using a baby jogger, we want you to have the best DAMN race experience.”  

Because I have a discount code to save you $5 off the already low registration fee. Use HALEYD to save $$$$.
Many races are upwards of a hundred dollars for entry fees. BDR (best damn race) prides itself on being one of the most affordable races out there. In fact, if you are one of the first to register, you can score an entry for just $1.

Because of the bling. Let’s face it, most of us decide which race and distance to run based on the finisher medals. BDR has gone the extra effort to design and award finishers with some of the coolest medals in the area. Just take a look for yourself and see how awesome these medals are for the 2015 season.

SafetyHarbor_BestDamnRace_Medals CapeCoral_BestDamnRace_Medals Orlando_BestDamnRace_Medals

Because you’ll get free race photos. Let’s not forget how expensive those race photos tend to be. Usually a $60 value, BDR just released a statement granting ALL race participants the gift of free race photos.  I don’t know about you, but that’s a HUGE deal to me.  

Don’t forget that I have a giveaway going on until the end of the month for a chance to win a prize pack from Best Damn Race. Go check out the website http://bestdamnrace.com  and then enter the rafflecopter below.  

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and good luck to those of you who are racing!!!  I’ll be back on the pavement following my 6 week postpartum checkup next Wednesday.  Wish me luck!  

Cheers to the weekend!  

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What is one reason that you decide to run a specific race?  

Do any of the above reasons make you interested in a certain race series?

Oct 22

A Day in the Life: Balancing a Newborn with a Toddler

I know I’ve been a little MIA lately.  If you’re wondering why, this post will most likely give you an idea of how I’m managing my time.  Unfortunately, blogging has taken a back seat to two very important children these days.  Finding time to multitask TWO children is tough enough in itself, but I figured some of you might be interested to see just how to balance motherhood duties with two children.  Obviously, Harrison is still very young (only 5 weeks old) so this schedule will change every couple of weeks as his eating and sleeping patterns change.  And once I resume my workout routines, the schedule will change again, but for now…..  Here’s a typical day in the life with a newborn and toddler.


Sunday Night  

8:30 PM Nurse Harrison while hubby gives Rosalyn her bath

9:00 PM Bathe Harrison while hubby puts Rosalyn to bed.

10:30 PM Feed baby again

11:00 PM Put baby down in rock-n-play sleeper 

11:10 PM Take the dog out before taking my shower and getting ready for bed.

11:30 PM Go to bed.  Hubby stays awake working in his office.


2:30 AM Harrison wakes to eat. I change his diaper in the dark then nurse him in bed with only my phone home screen illuminated to see. He falls asleep at the boob then I burp him and lay him back down to sleep. He goes down immediately without hesitation.

3:15 AM I go back to sleep

6:30 AM Harrison wakes again. I change his diaper and feed him just like before. He drifts off to sleep much quicker this time. I burp him and put him back in the rocker.

6:50 AM Take the dog out for a walk while everyone else is still asleep. Then get back into bed for another hour of sleep before the toddler wakes everyone up.

8:28 AM Hubby wakes up with the toddler so I can sleep a little while longer. (This is only applicable when he is not traveling for work – He works from home when not traveling)

9:30 AM Wake up and get dressed, make breakfast & coffee. Hubby and toddler have already eaten.

9:43 AM Scarf down breakfast before having to feed Harrison again.

10:05 AM Finish feeding Harrison and burping him. Put him in the pack and play for a cat nap. (Usually he won’t sleep long at this point in the morning)

10:15 AM Dress and play with toddler while hubby works or gets ready to travel (today he is packing to leave for the week)

11:00 Hubby leaves while we play inside. I take the toddler into the living room to play with the dog while I sit Harrison in the front room to some pictures.



11:32 AM  Change baby’s diaper, then sit the kiddos in the family room together to read and watch Wreck-it-Ralph.



New reading material for the stingy big sister.

12:08 PM Run Rosalyn to the bathroom to potty – she is not fully potty trained yet and still needs help. I’m letting her stay in a pull up diaper while we learn our new routines with her brother. Better to be safe than sorry. I change Harrison’s diaper after finishing with her.

12:11 PM Sit down to feed Harrison again. Rosalyn plays on the floor in front of me while I nurse him. We continue watching Wreck-it-Ralph and playing with her new toys while I tend to Harrison.

12:35 PM Put Harrison down for a little nap He sleeps for about 25 minutes, then I put him in the swing so that I can tend to his sister for a while. He doesn’t go back to sleep, but stays awake and coo’s  a little bit.

1:07 PM I make lunch for Rosalyn – chicken nuggets with grapes and graham crackers. I slice an apple for myself and eat a handful of nuts. I won’t have time to prepare my own lunch this afternoon. I have not done any food prep for the week because we were entertaining all weekend long. Usually I would reheat some leftover chicken or a veggie burger with vegetables, but today I will have to settle for fruit and nuts. Blah – I should have prepared better.

1:35 PM Feed Harrison again so that I can put him down for a while to get his sister to nap. He complies and falls asleep for just enough time to spend 10 minutes with Rosalyn putting her down for her own nap.

2:02 PM I fix some food – beef stew – for myself while Harrison is awake in his rocker. I tidy up the kitchen, load the dishwasher, and take chicken and turkey out of the freezer to thaw out. Tomorrow I will attempt to cook up some turkey meatballs and chicken breasts for the week.

3:35 PM Rosalyn never falls asleep – despite me spending 10 minutes in her room trying to calm her down and preparing her to nap. She sings and talks loudly in her room until I finally let her out and discover that she pooped in her diaper – probably why she never napped.

3:40 PM Take Rosalyn into the kitchen to make her a snack – more grapes and yogurt for her and a Kind bar for me.

3:55 PM Feed Harrison while Rosalyn snacks at the table (3 feet away from us) She plays on the iPad

4:22 PM Put Harrison in his rocker to sleep again

4:25 PM Sit with Rosalyn while she plays on the ipad. I check my emails, blog for a bit and catch up on bills.

5:18 PM Harrison begins to wake up.

5: 34 PM We take the dog for a walk – all of us – which is unbearably difficult because I don’t have a double stroller yet. Rosalyn walks while Harrison rides in the stroller.

5:55 PM Feed Harrison

6:25 PM Play with Harrison and Rosalyn in the living room. Rosalyn plays with blocks while Harrison has tummy time on Boppy pillow.

7:10 PM Give Roslayn a bath while Harrison sits in Rock-n-play in bathroom hallway.

7:33 PM Towel off toddler and put her in her pjs.

7:37 PM Harrison gets fussy so I change his diaper and rock him. He continues to fuss so I nurse him.

8:20 PM Rossi eats dr Cheerios on the couch while Harrison is awake in his rock-n-Play, so I take a quick shower.

8:45 PM Put Rossi down for bed. Sing two songs and say her prayers while holding Harrison. My singing must be good because it almost puts Harrison to sleep.

9:00 PM Nurse Harrison – I let him pacify for a little longer since his sister is asleep and no longer needs attention.

9:45 PM  Sit baby in rock-n-play while I clean up dishes.  Afterwards I watch tv and check emails.  

9:55 PM  Baby gets fussy and wants to nurse again.  I change his diaper and nurse him until he is drowsy.

10:22 PM  I change his diaper and put him into his pajamas then put him back on the boob to pacify and get him to sleep.    He is asleep in less than 10 minutes.

10:36 PM  I burp him and place him in his rock-n-play next to our bed for the evening.  I turn on the noise maker and the baby monitor from Rosalyn’s room.

10:36 PM  I walk the dog then brush my teeth and finally go to bed.

****  Monday night is a lot better than the previous night for Harrison’s sleeping.  He sleeps for a six hour stretch this night, which allows mommy a more pleasant morning.  However, my husband is now out of town and I’m alone with both the kiddos so I’m not able to sleep in as long myself.  I get out of bed by 6:30 and have to use this time to get dressed and eat breakfast.  There are many changes to my morning routine without my husband home, but overall, the day looks very similar with balancing the day-to-day activities.  Thankfully, my mother is gracious enough to come by to help me out.  Aren’t mom’s wonderful?  


If you have more than one child, how did you manage both of them in the beginning?  

Did you have any help from family or friends or did you have to wing it alone?

Oct 17

Friday Five: Favorite Fitness Music

Happy Friday Folks.  We made it another week.  And I survived another week of being a mom to a newborn and a toddler.  Yay! Small victories celebrated here.   If you didn’t catch my last post about Body After Baby,  make sure you check it out.  I’m really excited to be almost cleared – 2 more weeks – to resume running again.  And then I’ll be focusing on the upcoming race schedule.  



Courtney, Mar and Cynthia have selected Fitness Tunes for this week’s Friday Five theme.  I like this theme a lot, especially since I’m in the middle of creating my “Come Back” playlist.  So here’s a few of those awesome tunes that will be featured in my running playlist.  

Centuries – Fall Out Boy

Bang Bang – Jessie J

Differentology – Bunji Garlin

Love Runs Out (Grabbitz Remix) – One Republic

Dimman Kryper Sakta In – District 78



What tunes do you have on your fitness playlist at this moment?

Oct 17

Post Baby Body: 1 Month Postpartum

I can’t believe it’s already been one month since baby Harrison came into our world.  This past month has flown by with record speed.  

Harrison is doing great.  He is a strong, healthy little boy with a hearty appetite for mother’s milk. He nurses on demand – which means every 2-3 hours during the day and every 4-5 hours at night.  He still likes to cluster feed at certain times of the day, but he is finally beginning to settle into his own little routine. He had his one month doctor’s appointment today and the doctor was very pleased with his weight and growth.  He weighs 10 pounds now and is thriving.  He didn’t care too much for the exam, but it was a quick one, so we felt like it went well.  

I love that my pediatrician is such a breastfeeding advocate.  He is thrilled that we are exclusively breastfeeding and he even encouraged me to feed Harrison during the appointment when we got fussy.  He told us to take our time and to let him know when Harrison was finished and we could continue his exam at that time.  – How about that?  


How’s Harrison Looking?

Wearing 0-3 month outfits  

Size 1 diapers  

Loves his baths  

Sleeps  in his Rock -n- Play

Eats every 2 hours  

Gets the hiccups a lot  


Farts a lot (I had to add that one)PPHarrison_D

 Now let’s continue with how I’m doing at this point postpartum.  


Physically: I feel great! I feel mostly back to normal, but there’s still a little tenderness at my incision site.  I’m fitting back into some of my regular wardrobe finally, but the bikini cut panties tend to rub up against my scar and irritate me ever so slightly at times.  I rotate my regular panties and my postpartum-tummy-control knickers to keep my incision from getting rubbed too raw.

I peeled the skin glue from around my scar last week.  That was not fun.  Essentially, it felt like giving myself a bikini wax.  The glue had been stuck on my skin for three weeks and here I was peeling it off like a dried up scab.  Yuck!  A little vaseline helped, but it was still unpleasant.  

Breastfeeding is going really well too, other than getting mastitis last week.  That was a terrible experience, but after a quick visit to the doctor and a script for antibiotics, I am feeling much better.  

There were a couple nights, which could have been due to the hormones or from my high fever, when I woke up drenched in sweat. Literally, my entire side of the bed was soaking wet.  But that’s been the extent of my body’s chemical transitions, that I can tell.

 I haven’t jumped into any form of exercise yet, but I’ve only got two more weeks until my six week postpartum checkup.   We’ve gone on a few walks here and there, but not as many as I would like. I had a little bit of pain – from the tubal – when I walked for extended periods of time, but now that has faded too.  

I’m averaging 6 hours of sleep every night, sometimes more, sometimes less.  With my hubby back to work and my MIL gone back home, I haven’t been able to nap during the day because I’ve got a toddler keeping me busy.  

Emotionally:  Maybe because I knew what to expect this time around and it wasn’t so much of a shock to my system, but I haven’t experienced any nonsensical breakdowns.  Of course, I have done my share of whining and pleading to God for a couple extra hours of sleep.  But overall, I think I’m emotionally sound.  

My most difficult hump came the first few days when I returned home from the hospital.  We had a bit of a jealousy streak with our toddler and she ended up acting out in all sorts of ways.  

Due to my physical limitations, I was not able to pick her up, so I was taking a back seat and letting my husband and MIL tend to most of her needs.  THIS WAS A HUGE MISTAKE!  It totally backfired and my daughter ended up extremely hurt and beyond confused. She kept looking at me as if to ask me why I couldn’t help her or be with her.  Obviously, I wanted to, but I was very busy feeding her new brother around the clock and trying to rest for myself.  But she didn’t comprehend that. 

With my husband constantly traveling for work, I am the one who has been with her every single minute of every single day, leading up to the day of Harrison’s birth.  By me separating myself and not being active with her daily tasks, she has completely been taken out of the norm, and her daily habits and familiar routines weren’t enforced or maintained in my absence.  Once we attempted to get her back into her habits, she refused.  

We really struggled for a couple weeks.  She refused to nap for anyone and wouldn’t even take a bath.  There were even a few days when she didn’t have a bowel movement.  She is ordinarily very regular, so we chalked it up to stress, but after an excruciating episode that involved screaming, terrible shaking and sweating to pass her stool, I decided to give her Benefiber to ease her constipation.  It’s a month later, and she’s literally still afraid to go poop.  It breaks my heart.  

Needless to say, the whole encounter with her emotional struggle has been tough on me.  I broke down a couple times when she exhibited her confusion and we had a good cry together.  I kept telling her how much mommy loved her and how I was so proud of her.  Amidst all of this adjustment, she’s doing incredibly well.  Don’t forget, we just moved into a new house too and she’s still transitioning to a “big girl” bed, at the same time she’s potty training and welcoming a new sibling into our family.   This has been a lot for her….. as well as for me.  

Statistically:  I’m down twenty pounds on the scale – Woo Hoo!  Only 12 more to go before I’m at my pre pregnancy weight.  Of course, that last 10 pounds is going to be the tough part.  

I didn’t record my measurements upon coming home from the hospital – or before heading into the hospital, so we are going to just take this thing month by month from here on out.    

Current Weight is at 179.3



So what’s the plan?  

I’m going with the flow.  

I really don’t know how quickly I’m going to be able to jump back into a training plan.  I don’t think I’m going to have issues with my yoga practice, but I just can’t be sure how the time management of running and weight training is going to pan out while taking care of the two kiddos.  

I’m planning to race again, pretty soon too.  My first attempted race will be a Turkey Trot in November with a friend, but then I’m setting my sights on the Best Damn Race inaugural half marathon in Cape Coral December 14th.  I really want this medal.  BDR_CapeCoral_Half_Marathon FinisherMedal

That leaves me 6 weeks to train.  

I understand that this isn’t a lot of time, but I’m not training for time, I’ll be training for completion.  It will be like starting fresh all over again.    I’ll have more details on my training “plan” up on the blog soon.  

As far as my nutrition, I’m not following a strict meal plan or diet.  While I’m breastfeeding, I have to continue eating hearty, healthy, whole foods and I cannot limit my caloric intake because I’d be risking loosing my milk supply.  My body needs just about the same amount of calories it did while I was pregnant, so there won’t be much changing there.  I’m most likely going to attempt a version of the Whole 30.  

One thing is for sure.  I’m starving more now than I was during my entire pregnancy. EatAllTheThingsI’ll have a more detailed post on the blog soon about a half marathon training plan and my current diet and exercise program.  Until then, I’ll leave you with another picture of my gorgeous little man.  Ain’t he a cutie with his little wanna-be Caesar hair cut?  



How long did it take you to loose the baby weight?  

If you breastfed, were you always hungry?

Oct 11

Mostly Silent Saturday

Welcome to the weekend.   I hope your weekend is off to a good start. I’m trying to stay relevant in the blogging scene, but this newborn is keeping me pretty occupied so I’m trying to get away with the bare minimal. And I’m limited to blogging from my iPhone, so I’ll apologize if the formatting looks wonky.

Don’t forget about my Best Damn Race Giveaway.  I’ll be giving away a prize pack at the end of the month.



All you have to do is visit http://bestdamnrace.com before entering the rafflecopter below.  

(Please answer both questions in the rafflecopter for eligibility in the giveaway)

Scanvenger Hunt Best Damn Race

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Yesterday I got this.


So I practiced wrapping up my baby and I ended up looking like this.


We went to a fall festival and rode a pony, bounced on a bouncy house, twirled a hoola-hoop, and shook hands with a piece of pizza. < Really!!





Then came back inside the air conditioning to cool off with this guy.


Snacked on these delicious treats.


Ambushed a brown widow hanging in her web. (Very toxic BTW)


Tied a cape for this super hero.



And now we are back home lounging on the couch watching Tangled for the 37th time, while my hungry man does his thing and we do 10 loads of laundry.  

Hope you are having a great weekend and I hope the weather is more enjoyable wherever you are (you know you are in Florida when you attend a Fall Festival in the morning and sweat to death).  



Oct 10

Friday Five: Fueling For Fitness

Hey Friday.  Happy to see you again.  

I’m all chipper from a glorious 6 hours of sleep last night.  Actually, it’s all from early this morning, between the hours of 1 a.m. and 9 a.m.  My mother was kind enough to stay the night while my hubby is out of town again to help with my toddler in the morning, so that I could go back to sleep after Harrison’s early feeding.  Sleep is awesome!!!  

Our little guy sleeps very well and I’m thankful for it, but his sister likes to wake up bright and early, so I definitely took advantage of having my mom over for the night.  So after a cup of coffee, I’ve decided to get some blogging done.  Since it’s Friday, I’ll be doing the whole Friday Five thing with the DC chicas,  Mar, Cynthia and Courtney.   Make sure to visit their blogs and check out their take on today’s topic:  Fuel for Fitness or Running   FuelingForFitness

Fuel is something that is essential to my performance on a daily basis taking care of my family, but today I’m going to address what I use when I’m smack dab in the middle of marathon and fitness training.    

FF_Fuel_CoffeeCoffee  This is essential for ANY race day or long run.  It helps to get the body up and running – in more than one way.  PBandBananaOnBagel

Peanut Butter & Banana on Mini Whole Wheat Bagel (usually eaten 1 – 2 hours before a long run or immediately following a workout less than 1 hour)  FF_Fuel_GU

GU’s  If you’ve been running long enough, you’ve most likely tried these prepackaged performance nutrition.  I personally don’t care for many of the flavors, but I can actually stomach the espresso flavor, so I’ll take this 15 minutes before my long runs and distance races. FF_Fuel_ShotBloks

Cliff Shot Blocks  These are my favorite portable fuel to take with me during my long runs.  FF_Fuel_ChocolateSilk

Chocolate Milk  A delicious post race/run refreshment and a perfect quick reboot to help replenish those glycogen stores immediately following a tough run or workout.    


What is one of your regular or favorite fitness fuels?  

Do you ever eat something simply for the nutrition even if you don’t like the taste of it?  

Make sure to check out the blog tomorrow for a Best Damn Race Giveaway.  I’ll be giving away a BDR Prize Pack.  

Oct 09

Random Thoughts from a Sleep Deprived Mommy

It’s no secret that parents of newborns are sleep deprived and a little out of their heads some times.  I’m running on fumes these days.  I’m tired, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  And since I’m so out of sorts, my mind has been all over the place.  

So If you’ve ever wondered what parents to a newborns or a toddler think to ourselves, you will enjoy this post thoroughly.  


Please let this be the last feeding of the night. I’m so tired, I just slept through most of Scandal.  How is that even possible?

Once I start marathon training, my alarm will go off every day at this ungodly hour. But I will like it!!   (5:00 am)

Is my toddler screaming from her room?!!! I guess I’d better go get her before she wakes up hungry hungry Harrison.

(To my toddler) Come Here Right Now Young Lady and Put On Some Underwear!!!

(Immediately following a nursing session) COFFEE!!!! MUST GET COFFEE NOW!!!!  The short window of time is quickly closing for caffeine consumption.  


(during my shower as I watch my toddler play in the bathroom through the shower doors)

If I ignore her, will she go away?  

Can I get away with unshaved legs and dirty hair for one more day?

(Two minutes later to my toddler) No Rosalyn! Stop eating the toothpaste.  

(1 minute later – to the toddler in a very stern voice)  PUT MY PERFUME BOTTLE DOWN!!!!  

(Pleading now very nicely) Please don’t drop Mommy’s favorite (and very expensive) bottle of perfume  

(to toddler again) Stop licking the shower doors.  

(30 seconds later) So much for a relaxing shower.


Daddy is home.  Thank God above.  I can finally pee in peace.

This aluminum free deodorant is NOT doing it’s job.

Outta my way! I need food.

How did the heck did the sippy cup leak all over the couch?

How am I starving again. OMG. I just ate.  Why am I so freaking hungry?

Holy crap! My boobs hurt!

I either need to pump or wake up the baby.  (weighing the pros/cons in my head) 

He peed on me again. That thing is like a hose.

Good grief,  I stink.  

What is this in my hair?  Didn’t I just wash it three days ago?

The person who invented the Pee Pee Teepee is a genius.  It really works!  No more golden showers for this momma.  

More coffee please!  

OMG! The poor dog’s water dish is completely dry.  No wonder she’s been pawing at my leg all day.  Maybe I should give her to a better home with an old lady who could pet her and brush her silky hair and walk her more than once a day.  I’m obviously a terrible dog owner at this point in my life.  

Who smells?  Is that me?  Good god.  

Are we out of diapers already?  

(Toddler has to go potty and I’m nursing baby)   How am I supposed to take one kid to the crapper when the other is at the “snack bar” eating dinner?  

I need to invest in one of those wraps that lets you hook your kid up to your boob all day and frees up your hands.  

We need more diapers.  I need more panty liners.  

When will my who-ha stop bleeding?

I need to buy more nursing pads for my leaky boobies.    

Do I have a fever?  (after using the ear thermometer from the kid’s bathroom) Yep, 101.7   What did I do to deserve this gift? Holy Crap!  I hope i’m not contagious.  Oh no, it’s just mastitis.  Guess I need to go to the doctor.  

I’m so glad we got my tubes tied.  I can’t believe that was ever a debate.  

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