Feb 26

Friday Five Favorites from the Week

Salutations and welcome to Friday.  This weekend I have lots to be excited about, so I’m happy to make it to Friday.  For starters, my bff is flying in from California and I get to pick her up today and squeeze her neck and enjoy her company over the next few days.  She and I, along with her sister-in-law, are running BEST DAMN RACE ORLANDO together this weekend.  Even though she and I have ran two Ragnar relays together, this will be our first non-relay race together.  I’m really looking forward to it.  She’s the individual who is responsible for me running my first half marathon, so this is a pretty special occasion for us.  After the race, we are all meeting up with her niece and nephews and heading back to my house where we’ll spend the weekend together with our families and friends.  We are praying that the weather permits us to do one of the theme parks while they’re here, so please say a prayer for clear skies on Sunday.
FF Fave Things


Anyhow…..this week I’m teaming up with Mar from Mar on the Run, Cynthia from You Signed Up For What, and Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC to present you with another fabulous edition of the #FRIDAYFIVE   This week is a total freebie, so I’m going to go with a simple Friday Favorites theme.  These are just a handful of items that I’m particularly fond of these days.  ErinCondren

1.  My Erin Condren Life Planner – Okay, so it has become more of an addiction, but at least I’m staying organized.  Truthfully, it’s just another mindless hobby for me to have that helps me unwind.  I spend about 30 minutes every week decoration and planning out the next week’s appointments, blog posts, meal prep, workouts and to-do lists.  What I like most about it is the fact that I can record all of baby H’s milestones in his first year.  I’ll be able to go back and read about his progress through my planner like a journal – which I think is kinda the point.  
Rocksbox Collage

2. Rocksbox – I was approached about trying out this new subscription jewelry service and I really like it so far.  If you’re not familiar, they send you hand picked jewelry selections to fit your style.  You can chose to wear on loan for however long you’d like, then return to get 3 new pieces.  Each month’s installment is estimated at a $200 value.  

I got to test out these gorgeous and this tear drop necklace – which I think I want to keep.  

If you’d like to test out the service for yourself for a month for free, use RUNNINGWITHDIAPERSXOXO when you checkout.

Quest PBJ

3.  PB & J Quest Bars –  ummm… These are totally amazing.  I’m completely addicted.  Can’t seem to get enough.  Try them.  You’ll thank me later.  


4.  This Hammock –  Once my hubby and daughter came back from their recent trip to Panama, hubby said that he needed to install our hammock on to the back patio.  Evidently, my daughter really liked the hammocks while she was there, so this became a priority upon their return home.  Well, hubby did what he said and now it’s installed and in full use almost daily.  The best thing is that Baby H loves it; the whole family does actually.  We like it so much that I think my hubby is going to have to hang another one now.  


Fl Strawberry Festival5.  The Florida Strawberry Festival –  Aside from the fact that strawberries are in season and plump, juicy and so delicious right now, they’re also at the center of the always enjoyable Florida Strawberry Festival. Every year this country style festival boasts some of the most delicious fair foods and beverages, along with hundreds of exhibits, rides, free entertainment, and the world famous strawberry shortcake.  They’re celebrating their 80th year and featuring recording artists like John Legend, Boyz to Men, Alabama, and REBA.  

I haven’t been yet this year, but I am planning to take my little ones next week for the fun.  It’ll be the perfect way to welcome in the first week of Spring.  

What are you loving right now?  

Do you have any favorites from these past weeks?  

Ever hung out in a hammock?

Feb 26

Baby Harrison – 5 Months Old

Where’s the time gone?    It can’t believe it’s already been five months since my baby boy was born?   Seriously, where’s the Delorean with Doc and Marty?  I refuse to believe that time is flying by this quickly on it’s own.    Harrison 5 Month Pic

Harrison is beginning to change every week.  When I look at him, I can see that that he’s beginning to look more and more like his sister – which is what I said I wanted before he was born.   Aside form his handsome good looks, he’s got such a sweet, happy disposition.  I could literally just sit and watch him all day long.  But then, I wouldn’t get anything done at all, which is not much less from what I’m doing most days anyways.  

We have had an incredibly difficult time getting Mr. Handsome Pants to take a bottle.   The general sensus is that: HE WONT TAKE A BOTTLE.  Soooooo…..  yours truly is his only food source at the present moment.  My mom did have some luck feeding him with a plastic cup a few weeks ago and I managed to get him a couple ounces through a Sippy cup this week.  So it’s not a complete waste of effort.  But it isn’t a situation that makes me confident when I have to leave him for any period of time.  But we are doing the best we can for now.  Harrison 5 Month  Highchair

Height & Weight :  16.5 lbs and 25 1/2  inches long

Sleeping: through the night.  There was a week when he began waking up every two hours every night, but thankfully it did not last.  I believe it was due to his mastering the “roll over.”  Currently, he is sleeping from 9 p.m. – 5 a.m. then going back down for a couple more hours until 9 a.m. He takes 3 quick little naps throughout the day – usually 30-44 minutes each.    

Eating  Still EBF   We will begin offering him solids after his 6 month birthday.  

Clothing   He is wearing 6 – 9 month onesies and sleepers.  And as of this week, he’s transitioned to size 3 diapers.   


  • He has been rolling over for a few weeks, but gets frustrated when he can’t roll back over as easily.  He has done it a few times, but just can’t figure out what to do with his arms when he tries.  I try to assist him by pulling his arm down to demonstrate how to tuck it in beside him, but he still hasn’t quite got the hang of it.  
  • He is also beginning to army crawl.  He seems very determined to get wherever his sister is, so he works very hard and gets frustrated when he can’t move quick enough.  This is still a very huge deal though, for more than one reason.  Once he becomes mobile, regardless of the speed, I’m in trouble.  Life is going to get much harder for me.  
  • Teething:  I’m pretty sure he has a tooth coming in from the back.  It’s not normal for the back teeth to come in first, but I swear I feel a tooth on his bottom jaw, and he’s been gnawing at his fingers and pushing the teething rings specifically in the back.  I feel bad for the poor little guy.  It’s disrupted his normal sleep patterns and made him a little bit fussy.  He cries out in his sleep sometimes, so that leads me to believe he’s in pain somehow.    
  • He is beginning to reach for items and will mouth them when he finds his grip.  
  • He can sit momentarily when propped up in the seated position.  
  • He turns towards sound and noise and responds to his name being called.  

Likes  Snuggles, Sophie (his teething giraffe), the jumper, his swing, bath time, kicking and standing up assisted, being outdoors, being worn in the Tula, squeaky toys, teething rings, his activity mat, mommy time, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, his sister, looking out the window, sitting in his high chair at the table, and riding in the jogging stroller.Harrison Collage 5 MonthsHarrison 5 Months Pic Collage

Dislikes  Strangers (specifically if he thinks his mommy is leaving him with them), teething, being left alone, being overly tired, long car rides, dirty diapers, bottles, artificial nipples and pacifiers.  

Checkup   He is due for another check up at his 6 month birthday.  I haven’t made the appointment quite yet, but am going to do that next week.   I believe he will be due for another immunization, so I’m not too thrilled about taking him for that.  Maybe I can pawn it off on my hubby this time.  

Feb 23

Week in Workouts – Week Four of Insanity Max 30

Week of February 16thWeek in Workouts


Monday – Max 30 Cardio Challenge
Tuesday – Max 30 Tabata Strength
Wednesday – Max 30 Sweat Intervals
Thursday – Max 30 Tabata Strength
Friday – Max 30 Friday Fight
Saturday – Gasparilla 5k Stroller Roll with the kids in the double stroller
Sunday – Light stretching and foam rolling  

TWO POUNDS!!  I’m down two whole pounds and I successfully squeezed into my pre-preggo jeans.  Whoop Whoop!!!  #Nonscalevictory

Okay,  so aside from the progress that I’ve seen with my weight, I’m very pleased with the overall takeaway with this program.  In just four, short weeks, I’ve gone from hating and barely able to knock out a single pushup from my knees, to actually enjoying them and moving into a full range of motion – still from my knees, mind you.  I can feel my core muscles starting to take shape once again and my arms, back and shoulders are becoming more and more sturdy and strong – which is so important for a mom toting around two little people.

 Over the weekend, I ran our annual Gasparilla 5k Stroller Roll.  It was a perfect day for a race.  We brought both kids with the double stroller.  I had intended on running with both of them, but at the last minute, I left baby H with my hubby on the sidelines.  V had a gout flare up and wasn’t feeling up to racing, so I took advantage and left my precious cargo with him.  Rossi and I raced past at least a hundred or more people walking the 5k from the previous heat.  It wasn’t easy, but it sure was fun.  Rossi was yelling “On the left” from the jogging stroller.  We seriously had to bob and weave through a sea of walkers (not the zombie kind).  I ran pretty hard with that double stroller too.  I maintained around a 9:30 pace pretty much the whole way through, but let my daughter out towards the end so she could run through the finish line with me, so I slowed down quite a bit once she was on foot.  Our official chip time was 32:02   And I can’t wait to see our finisher pics.  She was such a trooper and got so excited to cross the finish line.  I’m hoping we got a couple memorable shoots for our race album.  GRW15 GRW15 Family PIc  How was your week?  

Did you have a race?  

Ever race with your kids?

Feb 19

Five Races to Run in 2015

Hey ya’ll.  Happy Friday!  If you’re reading from the East coast… burrrrr.  It’s cold.  Even for us Floridians, it’s nippy.  The low last night was in the 20’s here.  <— that’s seriously cold for us.  I even had to run my heater this week.  I think it warms up into the 70’s by this weekend, so I guess I can suck it up for a few days.  And since I have another race this weekend, I’m thrilled for the cooler temps.  Before we know it, we will be forced to running before the sun comes up to escape the heat, so I really should keep my mouth shut about the cold.  Anyways, today for the #FridayFive, we are talking about races to run in 2015.  I’m super excited for a few in particular this year.  So they’ll be the races that I’ll be listing below.  

Don’t forget to link up with our Friday Five hosts:  Courtney, Cynthia and Mar.   Five Races to Run in 2015

  • Best Damn Race –  I know I’m an ambassador, but I truly think the racing experience is one of the best you’ll experience.  If you like smaller races, with flat and fast courses, amazing on course support, fun finisher parties with free food and drinks, then this is definitely not a race for you to miss.  Also, my discount code is still good to save $5 off registration..   HALEYD
  • Athleta Iron Girl –  The Bridges, the beach, the medal and the finisher party.  It’s an all around fabulous day.
  • Sarasota Half Marathon – Another gorgeous course over a big bridge with a beautiful view of the coastline.  Add a huge finisher medal, and you’ve got a seriously awesome event.  That could be why it’s sold out again.
  • Richard’s Run for Life 5k – I’m not a big advocate of 5k’s, but this one really got me hooked big time.  This nighttime race course takes participants through historic Ybor city and ends in the square with some of the most delicious food and drinks compliments of The Columbia restaurant (Florida’s oldest restaurant).  This race doesn’t take place until November, so mark your calendars now!  
  • NYC Marathon – Okay, okay, this is a no brainer.  Thousands of runners each year toe the start line at this race, but I’m super duper excited for this year’s event because it will be my first time.  (happy dance)   Any advice?


What’s a great race that you think shouldn’t be overlooked?  

Have you ever ran any of these races on my list?

Feb 11

February 2015 Workout Playlist

Here we are, just a few days away from the middle of another month.  And I’m just a few weeks away from my next half marathon. The weather is still nice and cool (much colder elsewhere) and I’m enjoying every minute of my training on and off the pavement.  It’s close to perfection.  Not much else can improve how great I feel during this season of running, but one of the things that makes it even more enjoyable is a new playlist.  Here’s the newest edition to my workout playlists for February. 


February Playist 2015


How often do you change up your workout/running playlist?  

Do you have any races this month?

Feb 09

Last Week’s Workouts – Week Three of Insanity Max 30

Week of February 2, 2015

Week in Workouts


Monday – Max 30 Cardio Challenge/3 miles with double stroller.  
Tuesday – Max 30 Tabata Strength/2 miles with double stroller  
Wednesday – Max 30 Sweat Intervals
Thursday – PiYo upper body focus
Friday – Rest and stretch
Saturday – 13.1 miles at Best Damn Race Safety Harbor
Sunday – 90 minute Yin Yoga, foam roll  

Can we just say WOW!  I’m loving the changes I’m beginning to see with my body.  I’m not even talking about any weight loss, as of yet.  I’m talking about baby muscles.  I’m actually starting to see my biceps and triceps returning to the surface and my waist is beginning to sculpt back into existence.   YAY!!!  Non Scale Victory Over Here!!!    This week was another successful one.  I took it really easy with the Max 30 workouts because I had a half marathon on Saturday.  I was pacing my girlfriend for her first half, so I didn’t plan to go all out, but I wanted to feel healthy for the whole thing and support her through it.  So I did mostly modified versions of the Max 30 workouts Monday thru Wednesday and took it really low key with some PiYo on Thursday.  I completely skipped workouts on Friday and stuck to just some light stretching and foam rolling.  I was feeling fresh and ready for the half on Saturday and I think I did pretty well.  Especially since I haven’t been running many days or many miles on my running days because of focusing on the Max 30 workouts.  It’s been a great addition to my training and it’s really starting to help me with my endurance too.  


Something I was able to try during my workouts these past few weeks and got to test out in it’s full entirety is the new dry spray antiperspirant from Degree. DrySprayI was fortunate enough to receive a complimentary sample of this in my influenster #voxbox.  I have to say, I haven’t used a spray on deodorant or antiperspirant since my college softball days, and I was a little skeptical at first.  I used to love spray antiperspirant back in the day, but I hated the mess it made on my clothes.  The first day I tried the dry spray, I was surprised by the clean and clear application.  It didn’t stain up my shirts and it sprayed on completely dry, not sticky, or wet.  And it truthfully lasted through the entire day and throughout my workouts.   It goes on smooth and dry and lasts through the day with a fresh scent.  

With such an active lifestyle chasing after my kids and making it through my intense Max 30 workouts, I’m happy to have an antiperspirant that keeps me dry and feeling fresh.  

Have you ever tried dry spray antiperspirant?  Does your deodorant make it through the day?

Feb 06

Friday Five: Fitness Snapshots 2015

Hello Friday. Welcome back.

It’s been a looooong week for me personally. You know how they say “The days are long, but the years are short.” Well that phrase never meant as much to me as it does now. Life gets rough at times as a SAHM.  I get a little stir crazy every now and then with two little ones, but thankfully, I’ve got family close by to help me out when I need a break.  And this weekend is gonna be one of those breaks.  It’s just what I need to unwind and get unhitched.  I’m looking forward to it so much too, because I’m going to be pacing my girlfriend who is running her very first half marathon at Best Damn Race Safety Harbor.  Whoop Whoop!!!  I can’t wait to cross that finish line with her.  Speaking of crossing finish lines, that brings me to the topic of today’s Friday Five.  This week we are sharing some of our favorite #FitnessSnapshots.  

I know, as bloggers,  we tend to take a plethora of fitness selfies and action shots along our runs or during fitness training.  So it’s no surprise that this is one of my favorite Friday Five topics.  I love to share and view all the inspirational pictures from everyone’s fitness lives.  It’s so fun.  So here are a couple of my latest Fitness Snapshots from the past few weeks. 
Fitness Snapshots FFMake sure to visit Courtney, Mar and Cynthia’s blogs to join in on the Friday Five linkup fun.  

FF Snapshots ChangeJust another one of my motivational running posts.  You’ll find lots of these on my Instagram account.  @Runningwdiapers
FF snapshots Friday FightHere’s a great snapshot from one of my Insanity Max 30 workouts.  I love love love it.  And this tricep dip is just one of the reasons why.  FF Snapshots  7 mile run This was taken during one of my training runs this past month.  FF Snapshot BDR Jax Here I am, crossing the finish line at Best Damn Race Jacksonville.  I finished my first postpartum half marathon in just over 2:20FF  snapshots life ourselves

Here’s another action shot from my Max 30 workouts.   


What kind of fitness posts do you like to see?   

How do you capture your action shots?

Feb 04

Currently February 2015

Currently: it’s February 4th.  I can’t believe we are already into the second month of the year.  Before I know it, we’re going to wake up and it’ll be Summertime again or Christmas.  (eek!)

Current Show:  Orange is the New Black    I finally took the plunge and started watching it on Netflix.  Of course, I have to wait until the kiddos are asleep, so I have only watched three episodes.  I like it so far.  Also, I’m really getting into the new Terrance Howard show Empire.  And I’m watching American Idol again.  I fell off that wagon years ago, but Harry Connick Jr. just keeps taunting me to return with his smile.

Current Beverage:  Sparkling Water    I’ve been craving something different for a change and this is the best I can come up with, without adding in sugar into my diet.  I like bubbles every now and then.Current Drink

Current Tune: Anything from the new show Empire.  I am digging the show and all the music.

Current Surprise: Hubby bought me this beautiful new Athleta jacket while he was gone on his last trip.  We don’t have an Athleta in Tampa, so I’ve never owned any of their gear, but I’ve always wanted to test them out.  If the rest of their merchandise is anything like this jacket, it’s probably better for my bank account that they’re not local.  I really like it..  I mean, it has thumb holes and everything.  Current jackets

Current Obsession:  My Erin Condren Life Planner.  Stickers, stamps, pens and punches.    I’ve become the girl I never thought I’d become, I’m journaling and scrapbooking like a fool.  I have even made my own stickers to log Harrison’s first year milestones and my Max30 workouts.  Current Life Planner Currently Max30 Stickers

Current Workout:  Insanity Max30   – I know you guys are probably sick of hearing me talk about it, but I just can’t shut up.  I love it and can already see a difference in my body.

Current Addiction:  These Dannon Oikos Greek yogurts with toppings like Chocolate Strawberry or Bananas Fosters. They are delicious and I don’t feel so bad about indulging in them. As you can see, my fridge is stocked full of them.

Current AddictionCurrent DIY:  I’m working on a little project for the baby’s room.  I had a shadow box just hanging around, so I decided to use his hospital blanket as a base and place other mementos from his birth around it.  This is an unfinished product, but I’ll post a pic when I’m done.Currently DIYCurrent Neglect:  My nail polish.  Just look at how badly they need attention.  Current NeedCurrent Product Find:  These heavenly delicious Quest bars.  Strawberry Cheesecake….. um yeah!Currently Cream cheese quest

Current Craving:  Sushi and all things yellowfin tuna.  I just wish I could eat it every single day.  I’d be in heaven.  Currently Tuna 

What do you have going on in your life currently?  

Is there something you are obsessing over?

Feb 02

Last Week’s Workouts – Week Two of Insanity Max 30

Week of January 26, 2015:

Week in Workouts

Monday – Max30 Cardio Challenge

Tuesday – Max30 Tabata Strength

Wednesday – Max30 Sweat Intervals

Thursday – Max30 Tabata Strength 

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 4 Mile Run

Sunday – 60 Min Yoga  

Woo Hoo!  Last week I wrapped up the second week of Insanity Max 30.  I really can’t tell you how much I love this program.  It’s been the best thing for me, especially at a time when getting back into a routine is so difficult.  I mean, who doesn’t have 30 minutes to spare for a little sweat session?  And, I’m serious, if I can do this, ANYONE CAN DO THIS.  

This past week I really had to focus on getting in all of my workouts.  Regardless of the fact that my kiddos didn’t always cooperate, I still managed to get it done EVERY DAY – with the exception of my rest day.  I am very proud of myself for that too.. It’s really easy to use my kids as an excuse as to why I didn’t get my workout completed.  There are plenty of days when they’re cranky, or disruptive, or in the way, but I’m making this commitment to change, and THAT’S IMPORTANT TO ME.  

I’m the first to admit that it’s tough.  My husband travels, I’m sleep deprived and I’m alone most days without any help.  So I get it.  It’s tough.  But it’s important to me, so I’m finding the time to make it happen.  Period.  


This week, most of the workouts went extremely well.  I can know see that my biggest weakness is the pushups.  I’m really terrible at pushups right now.  There was a time when I could knock out 10 beautiful pushups on my knees, but right now I can’t even do that.  And I feel completely weak and ridiculous when it’s time to knock out a couple dozen pushups for this program.  But I’m trying the best I can, and that’s all I can do.  Eventually, I know that its going to get easier.  

Another big challenge I’m facing right now is my joints and ligaments.  Since I’m still breastfeeding, I have to be careful and listen to my body a little more intently.  I have high amounts of prolactin present, so my joints and ligaments are acting up a little. I’m foam rolling and taking it easy when I can to give myself a little slack when I feel anything out of the ordinary.  But I’m taking it somewhat easy, knowing that I’m more at risk for injury if I don’t listen to my body. 

I didn’t run hardly at all last week since I was so focused on Insanity Max.  The good news is that I’m feeling strong and healthy for the upcoming week, which includes my second half marathon of the year.  And of course, since I have the half on Saturday, I’m planning to take it easy with the Max30 workouts.  I’m going to be part of the #ModifySquad this week.  That’s just another reason why I love this program so much.  I can completely go at my own pace.   Even though I am not able to go full speed and really dig deep, I am satisfied with pushing myself with the modifier, because that’s just going to aid me in ramping up my strength and agility towards a second cycle.  And that’s when you know you’re really going to start seeing the change in me.  


Cheers to another fabulous week for me and you!!!  

How was your week in workouts?  

Do you scale down your cross training (cross fit, body pump, weight training, etc.) the week of a big race?

Jan 29

Friday Five – Favorite Indoor Workouts

Welcome to Friday people!!!  Another week has come and gone and the weekend is upon us.  Not only is it the weekend, but it’s Super Bowl Weekend!!!!  Who are you going to be cheering for to win the big game?  I really don’t have a preference on the outcome.  I’m just watching for the commercials.  Speaking of commercials, have you seen the Budweiser commercial?  I love puppies and clydesdales, so, of course, I love this commercial.  

Okay, so aside from the Superbowl,  it’s going to be a fun weekend.  And it’s getting started with my usual Friday Five.  I’m linking up with Courtney, Mar and Cynthia to talk about our favorite indoor workouts.   

Favorite Indoor Workouts

1.  Yoga  yoga classesI fell in love with yoga years ago before my husband and I met, and ever since, I crave it.  One of the nicest things about yoga is the convenience of being indoors.  Rain or shine, snow or ice, there’s always a yoga class available to suite your needs.  And for those really cold days, there’s always Bikram. 

2.  Insanity Max 30  max 30 screen shot modifier  If you’re not already familiar with Shaun T or the original INSANITY program, you may be drawing a blank when you hear Max 30 or see #imaxedout in your newsfeed. In the simplest of words, Max 30 is a fast, effective, HIIT workout that challenges your body in ways you never knew.   I’m absolutely in love with this program because it is a perfect fit for my busy schedule, being that it’s only 30 minutes.  I just pop in the DVD and what begins is a fierce workout that I’m already beginning to see results with only two weeks in.  Probably the biggest feature that I’m pleased with is the modifier on the right screen.  Coming off my second cesarean, I’m extremely weak in my core and my endurance is not where it used to be.  By following the modifier, I can comfortably complete all (or most) of the movements with correct posture and form.  So I’m constantly improving instead of getting frustrated by the difficulties of the moves.  

3.  Cycling cyclingMy favorite group fitness class has got to be cycling.  Waaay back before I became a mom, I was a certified spin instructor. I had fallen in love with cycling and found pure delight in motivating individuals through my love of music and fitness. Cycling is a great way to improve muscle endurance and cardiovascular health. Tons of calories can be burned in just one cycling class and it’s a perfect low impact cross training activity for runners. 

4.  PiYo PiYo ChaleneThis workout DVD has slowly become one of my favorites.  It’s the perfect combination of yoga and Pilates, rolled into one quick workout.  


6.  Kettle bells  FF kettlebellsIf I’m short on time and just want to get a little sweat session in between playtime with the kids or cooking dinner, I like to play with my kettle bells.  Kettle bells are a fantastic way to engage the back, legs and shoulders and build endurance and strength.  I find them to be an extremely effective cross training tool for my off running days too.  

What is your favorite indoor workout?  

Do you have a quick go-to workout that you can do easily at home?  

Ever been to a spin class?

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