Sep 19

Friday Five: Favorite Moments From This Week

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I’ve been anticipating this week and the arrival of our son.  Well, the time has come.  

On Monday at 9:49 am, we welcomed baby Harrison into the world.  You can read the birth announcement here.  

Since today’s linkup with the Friday Five is about Favorites, you know I just had to include moments from our very special week.  Be sure to check out Mar, Courtney and Cynthia’s blogs today, as well as the other fabulous bloggers in the linkup.  








And lastly, even though I don’t have a picture of that exact moment, one of my all time favorite moments was bringing home my son to meet his big sister.  She did so amazing with him at the hospital;  she sang Twinkle Twinkle to him and kissed and caressed his head while he nursed.  I just couldn’t wait to see her at home and witness her take care of her baby brother.  She’s a natural.  FF_bigsisWhat was your favorite moment of this week? 

Sep 16

Introducing our little Man

Introducing Harrison Vasco Duke to the world.


Weighing 8 lbs 12 oz. and measuring 21.5 inches long.
He is a big baby and he is already nursing like a champ.
I’m doing okay, but I’m not enjoying being hooked up to wires or feeds and the morphine is making me nauseous.
But I do get to wear these really nifty compression sleeves.

More updates on Mom and Baby in a couple of days.
Enjoy your week.

Sep 15

Things to do before your due date

You’ve made your lists, packed your bags, the baby clothes are washed and folded away neatly, the finishing touches have been applied to the nursery and you’re just waiting around for your little one to make his appearance.  Whether you have weeks or days, it’s best to use this time to relax and reflect on the journey that is about to unfold before you.  Becoming a mother is such a joyous occasion, but it doesn’t come without sacrifices.  After the baby is born, there will be times when you’ll want to get away to complete the smallest of tasks, but these once thought of “small tasks” will soon require some big preparations.  Which is why I have created this list of things to do before your due date.  


Go On A Shopping Spree    

Whether it’s to Bloomingdales or the grocery store, go out and get some retail therapy.  Shopping will forever be changed by the presence of a little one.  Take a day to soak in all your favorite stores, grab a coffee or gelato, window shop through an air conditioned mall, casually walk – or waddle – through the fragrance section of a department store and don’t forget the moment.  


Watch A Movie  

Whatever your taste in films may be, take in a flick while you can start and finish it in the same sitting.  If you prefer the theatre, take in a show with the hubby, or head to the cinema for a late night showing of the newest action adventure or thriller.  


Get Pampered    

Massages and facials are a great way to unwind in the third trimester.  However, there are some limitations to what products and procedures to use, check with your esthetician or doctor to be sure. Many salons and spas offer prenatal specific massage.  Enjoy the relaxation and the alone time.  


Beautify Yourself    

Manicures and pedicures are an absolute must in the third trimester.  For starters, you most likely cannot reach your toes to apply polish, so why not enlist the help from a nail technician?   Pick a color, sit back and relax while you chat with the ladies around you, or catch up on your celebrity gossip with a juicy magazine.  

Buy Yourself Something Nice  

I remember the last item I purchased for myself before my daughter was born.  It was a pair of shoes, flats to be exact.  I had a closet full of heels and I knew the likelihood was that I would never wear most of them again, mostly because I was going to become a SAHM.  But those last pair of flats that I purchased, almost three years ago, have received more wear than my most favorite pair of sling backs.  And the last handbag that I received, now doubles as a diaper bag.  

Take A Nap

Sleep is about to become extremely scarce.  Take this time to stock up on a couple extra hours of slumber.  Trust Me On This!!!  You will feel much better going into labor and delivery with a couple extra hours banked in your sleep bank.  

Was there anything that you didn’t get to do before your due date?

What is something you think is a must before baby is due?  

What would you add to the list?

Sep 14

September 2014 Workout Playlist

Hello September.  

Did I loose track of my calendar after the move?  How did this month come and zoom into the second week?  It’s practically October already.   Okay, I’m exaggerating slightly.  Either way, I’m waaay behind on my playlist post.  

So today I got some new tunes for ya and I’m really digging some of the new tracks that are listed.  Hope you like them as much as I do.  September_Running_Playlist_2014


Sep 13

Pregnancy Update – Due Date

So today’s the day.  It’s officially my due date and I’m expecting our little man to make his arrival very soon.  Like right now would be ideally perfect.  I had my last prenatal appointment yesterday with my doctor and she wasn’t very hopeful for my VBAC, especially since I’m only 1 centimeter dilated and 70% effaced.  We went ahead and scheduled my surgery and I discussed all the possible scenarios with her before having blood drawn and sitting for another non-stress test.  

My cesarean is scheduled for 9 a.m. Monday.  

Over the past week I’ve been doing anything and everything under the sun to help speed along my progression.  I’ve eaten TWO WHOLE PINEAPPLES in the past three days, I’ve been bouncing like a playboy bunny on the birthing ball,  popping Evening Primrose Oil every day, squatting, walking, massaging and dancing like a freaking wacko.  If I could’ve had a camera crew following me around for the past week, I’m sure they could’ve put me on reality TV with the amount of crazy that I’ve been displaying.  What’s funny about all this is that you’d never witness this kind of behavior from me at any other time in my life – unless maybe if you got me intoxicated.  

I decided that perhaps I was approaching this a little too aggressively, so I took Thursday afternoon for myself to unwind.   I made myself dinner, drank a glass of wine, turned on the Michael Buble, drew a relaxing bubble bath, and finished the evening laying around watching TV in bed.  My husband was nice enough to get the toddler out of the house for the afternoon so that I could have plenty of quiet time to myself without any distractions.  It was lovely, but it didn’t result in any significant progress.  

So instead of worrying about it and stressing that I am not going to get the delivery that I’d wanted, I’m giving it to God and letting him take the wheel.  That’s been my prayer all along, and maybe, without knowing so, I’ve been fighting against a bigger plan.   After all, my first birth was a cesarean and everything turned out perfectly fine.  My daughter was born perfectly healthy and I had absolutely no complications with my previous delivery, so maybe that’s all part of God’s plan for me again.  We never know.  And there’s something to be said about a scheduled cesarean that can’t be said of spontaneous labor, or even a delivery that begins as a vaginal and ends with an emergency cesarean.  It’s really not the end of the world, and I’ve made peace with my fate.  

It’s completely in God’s hands.  

This will undoubtably be my last prenatal update for the blog.  So let’s get to the stats, shall we?



Weight Gain:  I actually lost a pound, which means nothing.  

Body Changes:  Nothing new…… I mean NOTHING!!!  

Belly Button:  Popped and cute as a button.  There’s even a picture on my last update.  

Workouts:  Yoga, Walking and Squatting  

Symptoms:  Same as previous weeks:  heartburn, Braxton Hicks, and constipation

Movement:  Very good.  He likes to move a lot, and his responses during the NST show that he is exactly where he is supposed to be with his heart rate and response to contractions.  

Cravings:  Nothing really.  Just keeping it healthy for the most part.  

Aversions:  None  

Sleep:  Pretty good considering my size and bladder control.  Still managing 7 – 8 hours a night, which will be ending very soon, so I’m trying to enjoy it.  

Stretch Marks:  None

Mood:  Impatient and anxious.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little frustrated.  I don’t feel like a failure, but I do feel like my body just isn’t cut out for labor & delivery.  It’s great at growing the baby, and hosting it, but it feels like maybe my cervix and birth canal just don’t want to participate in the process.  < I know that’s kind of a warped way to look at it, but Hey!  I’m not too upset about it.  At least my lady parts will remain in tact through two pregnancies.     

Anything New:  I got a push present from my hubby and daughter yesterday.   I had wanted to buy a 50mm lens for my  DSLR camera before the baby was born, and my loving husband actually listened to me and bought me one.  He really is the best gift giver.  Now I have no excuse for posting lots of pics to the blog.    


I have a couple posts scheduled for the upcoming week, but if you don’t hear from me for a while, you’ll know where I’ll be.    

My MIL is flying in Sunday night to stay with my daughter and my own mother is planning to come to the hospital with me on Monday morning.  

Over the weekend, I’ll be straightening up the house as best I can and I’m going to continue food prepping for post delivery.  


What are you doing this weekend?

Sep 12

Friday Five – Blogs I’m Loving

Happy Friday Folks!!!!   I’m hoping everyone had a great week.  I can honestly say that mine has been a lot less hectic than the previous weeks.  We are settling into our house nicely.  If you missed my moving day recap, you should definitely check it out.  Also, if you haven’t been following along with my pregnancy updates, you might not know that my due date is tomorrow!!!   We’re just waiting around to see when this baby is going to grace us with his presence.  I can’t wait to meet him.  

In the spirit of Friday Fives, I’m linking up with the lovely DC trifecta again to share Five Blogs I’m Loving.  

A few months back, I shared a very similar post on blogs for runners, today I’m just focusing on random points of interest.

Make sure to visit Cynthia, Mar and Courtney’s blogs and show them some love over the weekend.  



The Lean Green BeanLindsey is  a Registered Dietitian from Columbus, Ohio. She shares simple, healthy recipes, nutrition tips, workouts and she is currently pregnant and sharing all those helpful updates we have grown to love from the blogging community.    

The Workout MamaTamara is a personal trainer, yoga instructor, mama and wife to a firefighter living in Arizona.  She blogs about everything from workouts, healthy living and recipes.  

Itz Linz -  Here’s another Lindsay for you.  This Lindsay is a elementary school teacher, healthy living blogger and most recently she became a mommy to an adorable little bundle.  She blogs about everything fitness related.  

Healthy Tipping Point – Caitlyn is a runner and triathlete, healthy living blogger, mom to a toddler with one on the way, and an author.  She shares all sorts of athletic and professional tips and trade secrets on her blog.  

Food Babe –  Vani is doing wonderful things towards helping you get healthy.  I’ve been following her for about a year now and I’m loving her dedication towards exposing the dirty details of the food industry.  She investigates what is really in our food, how is it grown and what chemicals are used in its production.  I highly recommend her blog for anyone wanting to monitor what they are putting into their body.  


Have you been to any of these blogs before?  

What blogs are you loving right now?

Sep 10

Pregnancy Update – 39 Weeks

When I say “Ready”  You say “For Baby!”   





Okay,  that could get obnoxious and annoying really quick.  But you know what else is annoying?   Being given a time limit on when you can go into labor naturally.  That’s even more annoying.  But that is unfortunately what I’m dealing with.  I have quite literally been given a time limit on my trial of labor.  Essentially, I have until Monday morning the 15th to go into labor naturally, or I’m going to have to have another cesarean.  

Boo!!!!  Hiss!!!!!

I’m not really a fan of this, but it’s the policy of my practice and I unfortunately signed paperwork saying that I abide by their guidelines for attempting a VBAC.  But no tears are being shed just yet.  I’m still believing that I’ll go into labor this week.  I’ve even taken some measures to jump start my labor and delivery.  

Did you know that pineapple contains an enzyme that helps ripen the cervix?  Did you also know that evening primrose oil is supposed to assist the body in preparation for labor as well?    I’m taking both of those in combination with bouncing on a birthing ball for an extended period of time every day.  All of these are natural ways to induce labor at home and I’m bound and determined to get this baby to be birthed the old fashioned way.  I do not want another cesarean, especially if it’s just because I haven’t gone into labor by my due date – which is Saturday BTW.  

Enough of the negative surgery talk.  Let’s see what my stats are looking like for this week.  


Weight Gain:  Up another pound.  

Body Changes: 
 Nothing new since last check in.  

Belly Button:  Popped!!!   Put a fork in me.  I’m done!!!  


Squats, and yoga.  I’ve been walking as much as possible too.  Between trips to Lowes, Home Depot and Buy Buy Baby, I’m logging a few miles every day.  I’ve hit the mall for a couple miles a few times because it was too hot outside.  That’s the way to go!   

 Same as the previous weeks

Still moving like a champ.  

Food Aversions: 


Not able to sleep as long as I’ve been, but I’m still averaging 7 hours a night with a couple trips to the bathroom.

Stretch Marks: 

Mood:  Exhausted and slightly irritated.  This is my warning to you.   I will bite your head off if you cross me!!!  Be nice to the pregnant lady.    

Looking Ahead:  I have another appointment today.  We are doing another Non Stress Test and cervical exam.  I wasn’t dilated at all at my last two appointments, but I’m praying to hear some better news today.  


How about baby boy?   



Well here’s a funny story.   Every week, I make it a point to look up the fruit pertaining to my pregnancy week.  I usually make one trip to the grocery store to buy a week’s worth of produce and groceries, but this week I forgot to add my watermelon to my list.  So here I was, a very pregnant woman, waddling through my grocery store with a watermelon under my arm.

I don’t know what it is about pregnant ladies.  Everybody looks at you like you have three boobs. And since I had a watermelon, it was like everybody thought this was the moment of truth and I was going to deliver in the check out lane.  Let’s just say I got a few extra stares than normal.  I’m sure there was a few jokes being rehearsed in some comedian’s head out there today. 



When did you go into labor?  

Did you require any medical intervention with starting your labor?  

Sep 08

Moving & New House Recap – Day One

So, I know that I’ve been very vague on the details about the house lately.  To be honest, it’s just been one whirlwind of unpacking, installing, ordering, shopping, and organizing throughout the whole house.  It’s been A LOT of work, but I’m happy to say that it’s finally coming together.  I’m going to give you a recap on the whole process, but I’m going to have to back it up all the way to that Thursday (August 28th) to give you the whole scoop.  

(Warning:  This could be a long post, but I’m breaking it up into segments and I’ll keep it as interesting as possible with pictures)



Thursday, Aug 28th:

6:30 – 8:00 am Woke up at my parents house and started packing up the last of our personal items from the bathrooms and bedrooms.  Didn’t wake Rosalyn until right before I was ready to leave. 

8:00 am Hubby loaded up the trailer and headed out so he could make it to the final inspection by 9. I finished at the beach house and then helped Rosalyn into the packed car and into her car seat to make the drive into town.  Entertained her with iPad and snacks on the way.  

CarLoad_MovingRecap8:30 am  Made pit stops for necessities on the way in to town.  


10:30 am Made it to the new house. Vasco had finished with the inspection and was un-hitching the trailer into our soon-to-be garage.  

10:45 am Drove to the title company to sign our lives away for the next 30 years.  Rosalyn drew circles and ate cookies with our realtor while we signed paperwork.  



12:00 pm Celebrated with a quick high-five to my hubby and then I drove directly to our brand new home to wait for the movers. Hubby stopped by the store to fill an ice cooler with beverages and picked up pizza to christen the new crib.  We scarfed down a few slices and drank gatorade while Rosalyn ran around the new house.  She loved the empty open area. 

MovingRecap_Pizza MovingRecap_Cooler


1:30 pm The movers call to say they’re on their way to our storage facility, so hubby leaves to meet them and direct them where to go.  

1:45 pm  My mom arrives to help out with our toddler.  

2:30 pm  Movers load up truck with items from our large storage unit.  

4:00 – 5:30 pm  Movers unload truck and we begin unpacking major items like kitchen, bathroom and toys to entertain my daughter.  

5:30 – 7:00 pm Unpacking continues.  My in-laws arrive with a second moving truck from our cousin’s warehouse where we’ve been storing boxes and random items.  They assemble Rosalyn’s bed and I search through boxes for bedding items.  

7:30 pm  Vasco and his cousin and brother take another moving truck to our second storage facility to fetch the final load, which just so happen to include our “unpack first” boxes.  

9:00 – 9:30 pm  The truck returns with the final items.  I managed to get sheets set on beds and soap and towels for bathing.  We put Rosalyn to bed.  

10:00  pm  Everyone – except me – drinks a beer in the driveway to relax and celebrate.  

11:00 pm  Shower and head to bed.  



Initially, we hadn’t really worked out how furniture was going to be laid out, so we just told the movers to put boxes in the main living room and then we arranged furniture after the movers finished unloading the moving truck.  

I wish we would have paid more attention to where our “open first” boxes were located, as this would have made our first night more relaxed and less stressful, but in the end, we got things taken care of, even if it was later than I had wanted.  

It was extremely helpful to have my mother available to watch our daughter while we arranged boxes and furniture with the movers.  


Have you moved recently?  

Did you use movers or friends and family to assist you?  

How was your experience?

Sep 06

Hair, there, everywhere

Pregnancy makes your body go through all kinds of weird changes. I won’t even go into the linea negra or even the female anatomy. Instead, I’ll discuss hair.

When you think of a pregnant woman, I bet you don’t think of someone covered in hair, do you? Well, you should!
We all know that pregnancy makes the hair on your head grow faster and less of it falls out. But, did you know that the hair on your legs stops growing as fast as it did? – I know, I didn’t know that either.
That’s a good thing.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t have the energy to lean down and shave your legs every day. Of course, once I have a newborn again, I’ll probably go months without shaving, but that’s a different story altogether.

Although I enjoy having to shave my legs even less than I normally do, it seems as if all the hair traveled from my legs up to my belly. Yes, my belly, the part of me that everyone wants to touch. The part of me that juts out much further than should be allowed.
Covered. In. Hair.

I’m not saying I look like a wooly mammoth, but the amount of hair on my belly easily rivaled, or surpassed, the amount on my arms. Instead of the perfectly round, hairless bellies you see on TV or in ads, I have a big round, hairy bump. To top it off, all these maternity pants with the “Secret Fit Belly” – aka spandex expanding waist – tousles and teases the little hairs so they end up looking like I’ve been playing with Bill Nye the Science Guy and his plasma globe.

I’m just hoping these baby fine hairs are serving a purpose and not just presenting themselves as another symptom to torture me during my final days of pregnancy.  If I’m lucky, they’ll all fall out, but I just hope they won’t clog up my shower drain.



Did you notice any extra hair on your midsection during your pregnancies?  

Did you shave it?

Sep 04

Friday Five – Race Day Rituals

Ah….  it’s Friday again.  How the heck did this week go by so fast?  It may have something to do with the fact that I’m running around trying to get my house unpacked and the nursery setup before the baby arrives.  

Did your week go by quick too?  I hope so.  I hope it was a good week, mine was.  

Well…..  here it is again.  The Friday Five linkup with Mar, Courtney and Cynthia.  I actually skipped last week due to everything that was going on with our move, but I’m back this week and ready to talk about Race Day Rituals.   I definitely have more than a few of those to share.  FF_RaceDayRituals


1.  Shameless Bathroom Selfie

This is definitely one of the cheesiest race day rituals, but I just can’t help it.  I don’t know what it is.  I guess I just like to have photographic evidence that I had my game face on and I was ready to race.



2.  Pre-Race Fuel


At my very first half marathon, a friend of mine offered me an extra one of her Gatorade Primes at the starting line.  I hadn’t really planned for fueling myself before the race, but I went ahead and drank it because she was doing it.  My stomach did very well with it, so I’ve made these one of my race day rituals ever since.  


3.  Coffee

I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t have coffee, especially before a race or long distance training run.  Coffee helps get things moving, if you catch my drift, so making this part of my race morning ritual is just part of a strategy towards a safer, smarter performance.  


4.  Creating A Playlist

I’m highly motivated by music, so it just makes sense for me to create new playlists whenever I have an upcoming race.  It’s just how I keep things fresh.  I’ve even shared many of my playlists here.  The really great thing is that I don’t delete the playlists after the race is finished.  I’ll keep them on my iPod and play them again for training runs.  The amazing part about running with music is that it helps create memories associated with certain songs from particular moments in races.  It’s just another way of capturing the moment for me.  


5.  Compression Socks for Recovery

More and more runners are embracing the compression sleeves and socks these days.  For me, I don’t like to wear them during a race, but I’m absolutely convinced that they help me recover faster immediately following a race or long run.  I usually slip a pair on as soon as I get back to my car or hotel room.  

Now it’s your turn.  Tell me one thing that you are ritualistic about on race day.

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