Oct 01

Currently: September 2014

I’ve seen a lot of other bloggers using this format for their monthly or weekly updates on what is currently in their day-to-day.  I like the way it flows and I thought I’d give it a try instead of doing just another random photo dump.  
Obviously, I’ve got my hands full these days, and with my hubby leaving for another quick business trip, I didn’t have a lot of time to commit to blogging this week.  So here’s a quick glance at some of the things that I am currently enjoying these days.

Current Appreciation:  My mother-in-law
She has been such an amazing help over these past two weeks.  I addressed it once before, but I have to pay tribute to her again.  She is awesome and I’m so glad to have her helping us out.  It’s definitely helped keep the stress levels down.
Current Product Find:  Thermogenic Postnatal Fat-Burner with lactation enhancer from Delta LabsCurrently_DeltaLabs
Through Fitfluential, I was provided an opportunity to sample this caffeine-free, gluten-free & vegan postnatal fat burner.  I am really excited because there aren’t many products out there like this that are safe for nursing mothers.  We have to be very careful what we put into our bodies because everything has the potential to make it’s way to the baby through the breast milk.  With this supplement, moms typically see an increase in their milk supply within three days.  
Of course, weight loss is dependent on their diet and exercise habits, however, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), the amino acid L-Carnitine and vitamin B6 are proven to promote weight loss, build energy and speed up metabolism -safely and naturally.
Decaffeinated green tea is used 
Thermogenic = energy production = fat burning.  
I just started taking them two days ago, so I’ll let you know what I think in a week or so.  Also, look for a giveaway coming up on the blog soon.
Current Eats: Lots of whole foods, especially fruits and veggies. Currently_Strawberries
Current Beverage: Coffee & Beer (Again) Currently_Beer
Hubby brought home a six pack over the weekend and I enjoyed my first beer in what seems like for-evah.  And how perfect it is that Octoberfest is right around the corner.  Obviously, with my lack of sleep, I’m drinking lots of coffee these days.  Actually, I’ve only been consuming my usual 1-2 cups of coffee.   
Current Shows:  All the new prime time season premieres.  
I especially enjoyed How to Get Away With Murder.  Although, I’m still unsure I followed it 100%.  I also watched the season openers for Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family (which was hilarious – as always)
Currently Wearing:  Maternity pants, tee shirts and all things comfy – which include granny panties.  
Current Purchases: Nursing pads, diapers, a new case for my iPhone, and a couple new rugs for the house.  
Current Desires:  To heal and get back to my workouts. Currently_notrunning
I absolutely cannot wait until my six week post op appointment.  I’m feeling really good and my belly is healing nicely, but I still have a little soreness and tenderness around the incision site.  And my tubes are still really tender too.  But that doesn’t make it any easier to sit around and stay sedentary.  Not being able to wake up and complete a couple of sun salutes really puts a damper on things too.  I’m itching to get back on the mat and pavement.  
Current Confession:  Having a second child is TOUGH!!!  But it’s totally worth it for moments like these.  
currently_siblings currently_kiddos
Now you tell me something that is currently in your life.

Sep 26

Friday Five: Favorite Fall Activities

Happy Friday Folks.  What a fabulous week it has been.  I’m recovering nicely from my surgery and me and baby boy are spending lots of cuddle time on the couch.  I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be than right where I am.  Maybe I’d speed up my recovery so that I can get out there and run again, but otherwise, I’m very happy to be a new mom again.   

Being that it’s Friday, you probably already know that I’m linking up with the DC Trifecta for another Friday Five.  This week we are discussing Favorite Fall Activities.  Make sure to check out Mar, Courtney and Cynthia’s blogs to participate in the linkup or just to read some really awesome blogs.  

I’m completely in shock that it’s already Fall.  I mean, I’m ecstatic and thrilled, but I just can’t believe how quick this year has flown by us.  And I have a feeling that time is going to fly by even more now that I have a newborn.  Of course the late night/early feedings will probably feel long and drawn out, but let’s just wait and see how I feel in a couple months.  

I just want to go on the record to state that this is my favorite time of year.  Being that I’ve lived in Florida my entire life, I definitely don’t associate Fall with the change of season that you Northerners get.  We don’t get those falling leaves and chilly temps that I’d love to experience here, but what we do have is a milder version of summer.   Basically, we get temperatures in the 80’s instead of the 90’s.  it’s not too bad, but it doesn’t make for much of a boot and jacket season; that will come in late December, if we are lucky.  So all those outdoor activities that some people associate with the fall, don’t really have the same draw here, because we are sweating our butts off in the heat and humidity.  But what we do have is a plethora of fun activities centered around the theme parks. So without further rambling, here’s my list of favorite fall activities.   




Epcot Food and Wine Festival - One of my favorite annual traditions is to fatten myself up at this delicious event.  With your park admission, you can eat and drink your way around Epcot’s 25 global marketplaces.  Each kiosk is setup with a sampling of each country’s culinary specialties.  It’s definitely a day of indulgence.   


Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights – Who doesn’t like haunted houses and roller coasters?  Okay, maybe not everyone.  But I am a huge fan.  The scarier the better.  This year’s theme is The Walking Dead, and since I’m a big fan of the AMC zombie apocalypse show,  I’m pretty excited for this year’s haunted houses.  


Pumpkin Patches – Family friendly and slowly becoming an annual tradition with my family.  My husband is determined to carve a spectacular pumpkin this year too.  So we have got to spend plenty of time selecting our pumpkins


Running in Cooler Weather – One of the biggest perks about living in Florida is the weather in the fall.  Like previously mentioned, we don’t get the change of seasons like some locations, but we do feel a little dip in the temperature.  And running in cooler temps is what I live for.  And there’s only four weeks left until I can run again too!  (happy dance)


The Post Season – Baseball Baby!  Even though my team is no where near the hunt for October, my hubby and I always watch the playoffs.  It’s in our blood.  


What’s one of your favorite fall activities?

Sep 24

Mama & Baby One Week Postpartum

I’ve given a lot of thought about how I want to approach my post baby updates on the blog.   When it really comes down to it, I don’t want it to be all about losing the baby weight, but it is important for me to document my personal journey towards getting back into my wardrobe.  I also think it’s important to chronicle what it’s like for a “real” person – not a celebrity with a trainer, chef and nanny – to experience life in the days and months following birth, and specifically after a cesarean delivery.    I’m planning to make this a journal of both my physical and mental transitions.  And I also want to include all the details about bringing a second child home to a toddler.   I’ll try a format similar to my pregnancy updates, but I might change it up once I get started. And this first edition will be a long one, so you’ll just have to bare with me for that.  

So let’s begin.  


One Week Postpartum

So far, life has been good, actually, it’s been great.  It’s definitely been a rough, bumpy ride, but I have to say that I’m very pleased at the way everything has worked out.  I suppose my situation is a little different than some;  I have the luxury of having my mother-in-law staying with us to assist us with the transitioning period.  She has been an amazing help with the baby.  Due to my cesarean, I have been medically instructed not to bend over, and I cannot sit down or stand up while holding the baby – I physically need my arms to ease myself into a chair anyway, so I rely on either her or my husband to hand baby Harrison to me for feedings and then when it’s time to lay him down again, I have to have one of them do it for me.  

My own mother has been a lifesaver as well.  She was kind enough to stay up with me both nights in the hospital so that my hubby could go spend the night at home with our 2 year old.  Life has been pretty crazy for our daughter this week.   I was thankful she was able to have her daddy home for some normalcy before I brought her needy brother home from the hospital.  

Here’s a little breakdown of how the week has gone.  


Monday  –  Surgery was scheduled at 9am.  It went extremely smooth and I was out of recovery around 11:300 a.m. then wheeled to my room and was given an IV bag of pitocin to help contract my uterus.  Because of this, I felt pretty strong cramping throughout most of the day.  Also, I didn’t realize that the tubal ligation would be as painful as it was, but it was responsible for most of the pain that I was feeling at this point. I totally didn’t see that coming.  I kept myself limited to ice chips for most of the day because I felt pretty nauseated.  Around 4pm I was able to stand up for the first time and walked 3-5 feet from the bed to a chair.   I was pretty miserable in the hospital bed with the itchy sheets and the short beds (I’m 5’9″ and my feet hit the foot board when I was inclined).  Early in the evening, I tried to eat some jello, but it didn’t stay down long.  I threw up twice due to a reaction to the morphine.  I thought my insides were going to spill out when this occurred   I immediately switched to oral pain meds:  One Percocet and Motrin for the pain.  I nursed Harrison on demand all through the day and night.  Didn’t get much sleep, but wasn’t expecting to, so didn’t have any disappointment.  My mom stayed over night with me and she helped around the clock with feedings, diaper changings and burping baby boy.  PPNanaHarrisonAt one point, we had a nurse come help us because we couldn’t figure out why Harrison wouldn’t goto sleep. The nurse thought it was maybe because he was hungry, but when I hand expressed a cup of colostrum to prove to her that I was producing plenty to feed him, she decided he most likely just wanted to cluster feed.  At 3:30am, after cluster feeding for 5 hours, he finally went to sleep and I was able to get a little rest.

Tuesday – Had to wake Harrison up after four hours to feed him.  This was such a difficult task.  He was in a milk coma for certain at this point.  We practically stripped him down to his diaper and had to blow cold air on his feet to rouse him.  My catheter, IV, and compression sleeves were removed in the morning and I was finally able to move around a little more.  I ordered pancakes for breakfast with confidence that I could keep something down.  They were delicious! PPPancakesI started drinking apple juice at this time.  I spent most of the day sitting up in the rocker, nursing my hungry little man and spending time with visitors.    PPPeacefulNewborn

Took a couple walks around my floor and took a shower.  Had a check up from my OB and she said I would be a conditional discharge – as long as I was feeling up to it, I could leave in the morning.  YAY!  Continued to nurse baby boy on demand, resulting in lots of dirty diapers.  He literally pooped 10+ times in the hospital.   The meconium was all filtered through his system before we were discharged to go home.  Pediatrician came to evaluate baby boy and we got the A-OK that he was perfectly healthy and could leave after his PKU in the morning.  Stayed up until 3 a.m. again with cluster feedings.  PPClusterFeeding

Wednesday – My milk came in overnight.  I woke up engorged and started leaking milk – good thing I was prepared with nursing pads and a good bra.  Harrison slept through his PKU and barely woke up to feed in the morning.  Discharged at 2:00pm from the hospital.  Brought baby home and kept nursing around the clock.  We visited with family at our house most of the day and then hubby and I took the late shift with baby H. Didn’t get to sleep until after 3 a.m. again, but baby boy did let us sleep for 4 hours straight.  Slept straight on my back again, but slept very heavy.  

Thursday – Woke up feeling like a million bucks!  Kept a very similar feeding & sleeping schedule with baby H.  I had to pump once to relieve some engorgement, so I let Rosalyn watch to educate her on “Mommy’s Boobie Milk.”  She was fascinated and wanted to try it on herself.  Hilarious Mommy Moment #215.  PPPumpInStyle

I kept up the same dosage with my pain meds:  1 Percocet and 600 mg Motrin   This kept my pain manageable so that I could get around the house well enough.  I still wasn’t able to bend over or sit and stand without the aid of my hands.  We continued to use the buddy system to feed and change baby boy’s diapers.  I managed to take a couple cat naps through the day and evening and then maxed out with four hours straight in the late night/early morning after another lengthy cluster feeding session.  Was finally able to sleep on my side without pain.  Slept like a rock.  

Friday –  Harrison had his first appointment with the new pediatrician.  I had to feed him TWICE during his appointment.  He is a hungry little dude!!  PP_DrVisit

The nice part about it was that I was able to nurse him while he received a shot, so he barely cried.  I will attempt to do that for all his vaccinations.  Later that day, Nana & Papa came over to visit with us for the day and we managed to sneak in a couple more cat naps during the late afternoon.  Had the same experience with the cluster feedings that night.  

Saturday –  Nana & Papa came to visit us again.  Rosalyn definitely enjoyed having some attention from her grandparents.  Harrison kept his eyes closed most of the day and continued with the same sleeping and eating habits.  I think I managed 6 hours of sleep this night.  

Sunday – More family came to visit.  My cousin, Robin, brought her two girls over.  They are visiting from Minnesota.  I got to meet her newest addition, Morgan, and Rosalyn and her eldest daughter, McKenna, are a year apart, but they were able to play together pretty well.  Sharing is still not a concept that my daughter grasps too well, but it will come with a little more practice.  All in all, we had a wonderful day visiting with everyone.  We even snapped a few pictures of our little ones getting their feedings together.  PP_NursingCousins

That night we successfully got into a routine with Harrison.  We managed to get him swaddled and in his cradle by 2 a.m.   Not too shabby, if you ask me.  


Body After Baby


Weight –  Dropped 12 pounds this week.  Considering my baby was almost 9 pounds, and I figure the excess fluid has been filtered out by this time, so I’ll call this a HUGE WIN!  

Recovery – I still have to wear a panty liner because of the bleeding, but it’s very minimal.    The cramping has finally died down, but every once in a while during a feeding, I’ll experience a little extra cramping.  I have some continuing pain and discomfort and numbness around my incision site. 

Physical Changes – Fatigue, gradual ease of constipation and hemorrhoids, and a slight decrease in swelling.

Emotionally  – I’ve experienced some mood swings.  Mostly I attribute my feelings of vulnerability to my inability to perform every day tasks without assistance.  I’m very stubborn and independent, and this is an extremely difficult concept for me to embrace.  

Siblings - Rosalyn has struggled with sharing, not just with her toys, but with her mommy, as well.  Keeping her involved in the process has been a positive experience for her, but she still needs work.  Her biggest issues are when Daddy isn’t available to give her attention and Mommy is busy feeding the baby.  She will come around soon enough though.  Naps and Bath time has been a real struggle.  Mommy is the disciplinary in the household, so without my physical capabilities to keep her on track with her routine, her life has spiraled into one big temper tantrum.  NO BUENO!  I’m literally just sitting here watching all my hard work and time spent on regimented schedules and healthy habits dwindling away.  It’s killing me and I want to scream.  

Baby Blues –  Oh, I’ve definitely cried a lot, but they’ve been all tears of joy.  I had a couple moments where I was exhausted and wanted to cry, but that would’ve required more energy and I just didn’t have any left at that point.  lol  

Cesarean Recovery – Little pain at the one week mark.  Getting out of bed and off the couch is the most pain I experience now.  I think today will be my last day of meds.  

Breastfeeding – This is going extremely well.  His latch is great and he nurses very consistent.  

Exercise – Not yet.  I have to wait five more weeks for my post op appointment to get clearance to resume my fitness routine.  

What kind of things are you interested in reading about post cesarean and post delivery?


Sep 19

Friday Five: Favorite Moments From This Week

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I’ve been anticipating this week and the arrival of our son.  Well, the time has come.  

On Monday at 9:49 am, we welcomed baby Harrison into the world.  You can read the birth announcement here.  

Since today’s linkup with the Friday Five is about Favorites, you know I just had to include moments from our very special week.  Be sure to check out Mar, Courtney and Cynthia’s blogs today, as well as the other fabulous bloggers in the linkup.  








And lastly, even though I don’t have a picture of that exact moment, one of my all time favorite moments was bringing home my son to meet his big sister.  She did so amazing with him at the hospital;  she sang Twinkle Twinkle to him and kissed and caressed his head while he nursed.  I just couldn’t wait to see her at home and witness her take care of her baby brother.  She’s a natural.  FF_bigsisWhat was your favorite moment of this week? 

Sep 16

Introducing our little Man

Introducing Harrison Vasco Duke to the world.


Weighing 8 lbs 12 oz. and measuring 21.5 inches long.
He is a big baby and he is already nursing like a champ.
I’m doing okay, but I’m not enjoying being hooked up to wires or feeds and the morphine is making me nauseous.
But I do get to wear these really nifty compression sleeves.

More updates on Mom and Baby in a couple of days.
Enjoy your week.

Sep 15

Things to do before your due date

You’ve made your lists, packed your bags, the baby clothes are washed and folded away neatly, the finishing touches have been applied to the nursery and you’re just waiting around for your little one to make his appearance.  Whether you have weeks or days, it’s best to use this time to relax and reflect on the journey that is about to unfold before you.  Becoming a mother is such a joyous occasion, but it doesn’t come without sacrifices.  After the baby is born, there will be times when you’ll want to get away to complete the smallest of tasks, but these once thought of “small tasks” will soon require some big preparations.  Which is why I have created this list of things to do before your due date.  


Go On A Shopping Spree    

Whether it’s to Bloomingdales or the grocery store, go out and get some retail therapy.  Shopping will forever be changed by the presence of a little one.  Take a day to soak in all your favorite stores, grab a coffee or gelato, window shop through an air conditioned mall, casually walk – or waddle – through the fragrance section of a department store and don’t forget the moment.  


Watch A Movie  

Whatever your taste in films may be, take in a flick while you can start and finish it in the same sitting.  If you prefer the theatre, take in a show with the hubby, or head to the cinema for a late night showing of the newest action adventure or thriller.  


Get Pampered    

Massages and facials are a great way to unwind in the third trimester.  However, there are some limitations to what products and procedures to use, check with your esthetician or doctor to be sure. Many salons and spas offer prenatal specific massage.  Enjoy the relaxation and the alone time.  


Beautify Yourself    

Manicures and pedicures are an absolute must in the third trimester.  For starters, you most likely cannot reach your toes to apply polish, so why not enlist the help from a nail technician?   Pick a color, sit back and relax while you chat with the ladies around you, or catch up on your celebrity gossip with a juicy magazine.  

Buy Yourself Something Nice  

I remember the last item I purchased for myself before my daughter was born.  It was a pair of shoes, flats to be exact.  I had a closet full of heels and I knew the likelihood was that I would never wear most of them again, mostly because I was going to become a SAHM.  But those last pair of flats that I purchased, almost three years ago, have received more wear than my most favorite pair of sling backs.  And the last handbag that I received, now doubles as a diaper bag.  

Take A Nap

Sleep is about to become extremely scarce.  Take this time to stock up on a couple extra hours of slumber.  Trust Me On This!!!  You will feel much better going into labor and delivery with a couple extra hours banked in your sleep bank.  

Was there anything that you didn’t get to do before your due date?

What is something you think is a must before baby is due?  

What would you add to the list?

Sep 14

September 2014 Workout Playlist

Hello September.  

Did I loose track of my calendar after the move?  How did this month come and zoom into the second week?  It’s practically October already.   Okay, I’m exaggerating slightly.  Either way, I’m waaay behind on my playlist post.  

So today I got some new tunes for ya and I’m really digging some of the new tracks that are listed.  Hope you like them as much as I do.  September_Running_Playlist_2014


Sep 13

Pregnancy Update – Due Date

So today’s the day.  It’s officially my due date and I’m expecting our little man to make his arrival very soon.  Like right now would be ideally perfect.  I had my last prenatal appointment yesterday with my doctor and she wasn’t very hopeful for my VBAC, especially since I’m only 1 centimeter dilated and 70% effaced.  We went ahead and scheduled my surgery and I discussed all the possible scenarios with her before having blood drawn and sitting for another non-stress test.  

My cesarean is scheduled for 9 a.m. Monday.  

Over the past week I’ve been doing anything and everything under the sun to help speed along my progression.  I’ve eaten TWO WHOLE PINEAPPLES in the past three days, I’ve been bouncing like a playboy bunny on the birthing ball,  popping Evening Primrose Oil every day, squatting, walking, massaging and dancing like a freaking wacko.  If I could’ve had a camera crew following me around for the past week, I’m sure they could’ve put me on reality TV with the amount of crazy that I’ve been displaying.  What’s funny about all this is that you’d never witness this kind of behavior from me at any other time in my life – unless maybe if you got me intoxicated.  

I decided that perhaps I was approaching this a little too aggressively, so I took Thursday afternoon for myself to unwind.   I made myself dinner, drank a glass of wine, turned on the Michael Buble, drew a relaxing bubble bath, and finished the evening laying around watching TV in bed.  My husband was nice enough to get the toddler out of the house for the afternoon so that I could have plenty of quiet time to myself without any distractions.  It was lovely, but it didn’t result in any significant progress.  

So instead of worrying about it and stressing that I am not going to get the delivery that I’d wanted, I’m giving it to God and letting him take the wheel.  That’s been my prayer all along, and maybe, without knowing so, I’ve been fighting against a bigger plan.   After all, my first birth was a cesarean and everything turned out perfectly fine.  My daughter was born perfectly healthy and I had absolutely no complications with my previous delivery, so maybe that’s all part of God’s plan for me again.  We never know.  And there’s something to be said about a scheduled cesarean that can’t be said of spontaneous labor, or even a delivery that begins as a vaginal and ends with an emergency cesarean.  It’s really not the end of the world, and I’ve made peace with my fate.  

It’s completely in God’s hands.  

This will undoubtably be my last prenatal update for the blog.  So let’s get to the stats, shall we?



Weight Gain:  I actually lost a pound, which means nothing.  

Body Changes:  Nothing new…… I mean NOTHING!!!  

Belly Button:  Popped and cute as a button.  There’s even a picture on my last update.  

Workouts:  Yoga, Walking and Squatting  

Symptoms:  Same as previous weeks:  heartburn, Braxton Hicks, and constipation

Movement:  Very good.  He likes to move a lot, and his responses during the NST show that he is exactly where he is supposed to be with his heart rate and response to contractions.  

Cravings:  Nothing really.  Just keeping it healthy for the most part.  

Aversions:  None  

Sleep:  Pretty good considering my size and bladder control.  Still managing 7 – 8 hours a night, which will be ending very soon, so I’m trying to enjoy it.  

Stretch Marks:  None

Mood:  Impatient and anxious.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little frustrated.  I don’t feel like a failure, but I do feel like my body just isn’t cut out for labor & delivery.  It’s great at growing the baby, and hosting it, but it feels like maybe my cervix and birth canal just don’t want to participate in the process.  < I know that’s kind of a warped way to look at it, but Hey!  I’m not too upset about it.  At least my lady parts will remain in tact through two pregnancies.     

Anything New:  I got a push present from my hubby and daughter yesterday.   I had wanted to buy a 50mm lens for my  DSLR camera before the baby was born, and my loving husband actually listened to me and bought me one.  He really is the best gift giver.  Now I have no excuse for posting lots of pics to the blog.    


I have a couple posts scheduled for the upcoming week, but if you don’t hear from me for a while, you’ll know where I’ll be.    

My MIL is flying in Sunday night to stay with my daughter and my own mother is planning to come to the hospital with me on Monday morning.  

Over the weekend, I’ll be straightening up the house as best I can and I’m going to continue food prepping for post delivery.  


What are you doing this weekend?

Sep 12

Friday Five – Blogs I’m Loving

Happy Friday Folks!!!!   I’m hoping everyone had a great week.  I can honestly say that mine has been a lot less hectic than the previous weeks.  We are settling into our house nicely.  If you missed my moving day recap, you should definitely check it out.  Also, if you haven’t been following along with my pregnancy updates, you might not know that my due date is tomorrow!!!   We’re just waiting around to see when this baby is going to grace us with his presence.  I can’t wait to meet him.  

In the spirit of Friday Fives, I’m linking up with the lovely DC trifecta again to share Five Blogs I’m Loving.  

A few months back, I shared a very similar post on blogs for runners, today I’m just focusing on random points of interest.

Make sure to visit Cynthia, Mar and Courtney’s blogs and show them some love over the weekend.  



The Lean Green Bean – Lindsey is  a Registered Dietitian from Columbus, Ohio. She shares simple, healthy recipes, nutrition tips, workouts and she is currently pregnant and sharing all those helpful updates we have grown to love from the blogging community.    

The Workout Mama – Tamara is a personal trainer, yoga instructor, mama and wife to a firefighter living in Arizona.  She blogs about everything from workouts, healthy living and recipes.  

Itz Linz –  Here’s another Lindsay for you.  This Lindsay is a elementary school teacher, healthy living blogger and most recently she became a mommy to an adorable little bundle.  She blogs about everything fitness related.  

Healthy Tipping Point – Caitlyn is a runner and triathlete, healthy living blogger, mom to a toddler with one on the way, and an author.  She shares all sorts of athletic and professional tips and trade secrets on her blog.  

Food Babe –  Vani is doing wonderful things towards helping you get healthy.  I’ve been following her for about a year now and I’m loving her dedication towards exposing the dirty details of the food industry.  She investigates what is really in our food, how is it grown and what chemicals are used in its production.  I highly recommend her blog for anyone wanting to monitor what they are putting into their body.  


Have you been to any of these blogs before?  

What blogs are you loving right now?

Sep 10

Pregnancy Update – 39 Weeks

When I say “Ready”  You say “For Baby!”   





Okay,  that could get obnoxious and annoying really quick.  But you know what else is annoying?   Being given a time limit on when you can go into labor naturally.  That’s even more annoying.  But that is unfortunately what I’m dealing with.  I have quite literally been given a time limit on my trial of labor.  Essentially, I have until Monday morning the 15th to go into labor naturally, or I’m going to have to have another cesarean.  

Boo!!!!  Hiss!!!!!

I’m not really a fan of this, but it’s the policy of my practice and I unfortunately signed paperwork saying that I abide by their guidelines for attempting a VBAC.  But no tears are being shed just yet.  I’m still believing that I’ll go into labor this week.  I’ve even taken some measures to jump start my labor and delivery.  

Did you know that pineapple contains an enzyme that helps ripen the cervix?  Did you also know that evening primrose oil is supposed to assist the body in preparation for labor as well?    I’m taking both of those in combination with bouncing on a birthing ball for an extended period of time every day.  All of these are natural ways to induce labor at home and I’m bound and determined to get this baby to be birthed the old fashioned way.  I do not want another cesarean, especially if it’s just because I haven’t gone into labor by my due date – which is Saturday BTW.  

Enough of the negative surgery talk.  Let’s see what my stats are looking like for this week.  


Weight Gain:  Up another pound.  

Body Changes: 
 Nothing new since last check in.  

Belly Button:  Popped!!!   Put a fork in me.  I’m done!!!  


Squats, and yoga.  I’ve been walking as much as possible too.  Between trips to Lowes, Home Depot and Buy Buy Baby, I’m logging a few miles every day.  I’ve hit the mall for a couple miles a few times because it was too hot outside.  That’s the way to go!   

 Same as the previous weeks

Still moving like a champ.  

Food Aversions: 


Not able to sleep as long as I’ve been, but I’m still averaging 7 hours a night with a couple trips to the bathroom.

Stretch Marks: 

Mood:  Exhausted and slightly irritated.  This is my warning to you.   I will bite your head off if you cross me!!!  Be nice to the pregnant lady.    

Looking Ahead:  I have another appointment today.  We are doing another Non Stress Test and cervical exam.  I wasn’t dilated at all at my last two appointments, but I’m praying to hear some better news today.  


How about baby boy?   



Well here’s a funny story.   Every week, I make it a point to look up the fruit pertaining to my pregnancy week.  I usually make one trip to the grocery store to buy a week’s worth of produce and groceries, but this week I forgot to add my watermelon to my list.  So here I was, a very pregnant woman, waddling through my grocery store with a watermelon under my arm.

I don’t know what it is about pregnant ladies.  Everybody looks at you like you have three boobs. And since I had a watermelon, it was like everybody thought this was the moment of truth and I was going to deliver in the check out lane.  Let’s just say I got a few extra stares than normal.  I’m sure there was a few jokes being rehearsed in some comedian’s head out there today. 



When did you go into labor?  

Did you require any medical intervention with starting your labor?  

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